Ode to Apathy

THE modern Saxons have no swords,

In suburbia they supremely reign,

They carry furled umbrellas,

And do the crossword on the train.


With polished brogues and patterned ties,

They read the Daily Pap,

A warrior race in days of old,

Now the battle-cry is: ‘Mind the Gap!’


What happened to Olde England?

Are these modern Saxons free?

Their chief concern is coffee spilt,

Upon a pin-striped knee.


These fools have shown no courage,

Whilst a sinister plot was hatched,

Well, keep your shares and mortgages,

And your Surbiton semi-detached.


As you stare from office windows,

Looking for someone to blame,

Just take a look at history,

And wallow in your shame.


So lift up your hearts, ye faithful,

For we shall meet our fate,

We have no use for modern Saxons,

Let’s hope their trains run late.

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