THOSE of us who value our racial and cultural identity are rightly concerned that large numbers of economic migrants and refugees are currently flooding into Europe and it seems fair to say that our Continent will never be the same again. There are various ways of reacting to this problem: (i) Physically oppose the presence of these newcomers, by preparing for years of entrenchment and racial conflict, (ii) place your trust in parties and organisations that oppose immigration, or (iii) join the liberals by actively relinquishing our distinct heritage and, thus, accepting that we are to face the slow death of ethnic genocide through long-term miscegenation. It seems perfectly clear to me that none of these proposals will lead us to a peaceful or agreeable solution. Meanwhile, the attitude of the New Right to our present dilemma is just as limiting and short-sighted. Indeed, whilst the likes of Guillaume Faye and Alain de Benoist have proposed that we seek to preserve modern civilisation by applying methods of reform, temporary modification or governmental interregnum, it is essential for those on the Right to understand that such objectives amount to little more than a stubborn refusal to accept the inevitable collapse of civilisation and to smell the proverbial coffee. Despite possessing the ability to both identify and account for the signs of decay, therefore, the tactics of such people are completely inadequate and the Right itself – even those who style themselves ‘conservative revolutionaries’ – is simply a beleaguered and disaffected rump which now finds itself clinging to the last vestiges of civilisational infrastructure by its fingertips. Let’s be clear about this. It is not a question of fight or flight, suspension or conservation, optimism or pessimism, but of honesty and realism. Having taken their names from the various Indo-European tribes who settled here, the nations of Europe have now degenerated to such an extent that we are merely part of a large trading zone. A bloated cash-cow for the banks and corporations, if you will, who now fill our lands with the future hordes of a rootless and displaced homo economicus. As a result, it has become completely senseless and outdated for us to portray Europe as a continent that – in the words of Jean Thiriart – stretches from Galway to Vladivostok. Europe was originally comprised of Europeans, just as France was comprised of people from Nordic, Alpine and Mediterranean stock, or the British Isles were settled by Celts, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, but this is no longer the case. Those people still remain, of course, not least in the blood that runs through our veins, but several decades of racial admixture – with much more to come – means that Europe is no longer solely European. The globalists are doing their best to redefine what it means to be ‘European’ altogether, busily replacing ethnicity with the more transient notion of citizenship, and we must also take stock of a rapidly changing world. It is clear that somebody from an African or Asian background cannot accurately be described as ‘Swedish’, ‘Italian’, ‘Spanish’ or ‘Greek’. Clearly, the fact that an individual is born in a particular country does not make them identical to the indigenous inhabitants who have been there for many centuries and who applied their name to the territory in the first place. The organic must always take precedence over the contractual. Europe, therefore, must no longer be seen as a piece of territory and the time has come to face reality and accept that we must create hundreds of ‘mini-Europes’ centred on our own identity and values. Where these new enclaves will be, only time will tell, but unless we create new separatist homelands – even villages – our children, our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren will become part of the burgeoning cosmopolitan chaos that will drag us all into its disastrous orbit and thus eradicate us as a people. We undoubtedly face great adversity but now is the time to be positive. Although it is true to say that every people needs a land to call its own, Europe will prevail wherever there happen to be Europeans. It is time to regroup. We have adapted before and will do so again. Race is nation and nation is race.

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