Part 1: Three Wise Men, at the Birth of Science.

Technocracy, being the power of technology within society, has increasingly guided human development ever since we first started to use tools. I would argue that at some point over the past few centuries, it became the dominant factor guiding the activities of Western Civilisation; and that more recently this trend extended its tentacles into the dominant cultures of the ‘developing’ nations.

At the core of both Marxism and Capitalism, was the desire to make industrial civilisation more efficient, by bending humanity itself unto the will of its own technology. This inevitably leads to the question raised by technocracy’s most infamous detractor, an ex-Harvard mathematics Prof. affectionately known by many primitivists and technophobes as ‘uncle Ted’, his question is…

Are we in-charge of our technology, or is technology now in-charge of us?

If Judeo-Christianity severed the tether of divinity from the material world, and secreted it up in the clouds, just out of reach. Science, which then hatched from the golden-egg of the Judeo-Christian ‘enlightenment’, has effectively driven it further, and further out into the void. So that today, sacredness, once present in every form, in every rock, stream, tree-stump and in every moonlit hoot of the midnight Owl – has been relegated to the furthest reaches of outer-space or dismissed as naivety, as ‘primitive superstitions’ if acknowledged at all. Without form being imbued with sacredness, without seeing the world as having inherent value in its own transcendent beauty, the hand of man was freed to dissect, rape and pillage the natural world, which was no-longer protected by such reverence and awe-full respect. It became an ‘impediment’ to be full-of-awe, and an ignorance to be content in the myth and magic of the world.

Slithers in, the Snake…

In 1620 Francis Bacon, the father of the ‘scientific mind’ published ‘Novum Organum Scientiarum’ (the new instrument of science), which defined the road-map for the ‘enlightenment’, with its new ‘scientific method’ of experimentation and endless witch-trials. In other words, the execution of those who had kept alive the ancient European folk traditions, along with their intimate knowledge of native herblore and a deep reverence for the natural world, much akin to animism. Unfortunately a genuine ethno-cultural analysis of the witch-trials which characterised this period seems entirely lacking, though it ought be the subject of at least one well researched book.

It should be noted that Bacon was an embittered and jealous man, who obsessed over his being rejected by Elizabeth, Lady Coke (née Cecil), herself a beautiful redhead, the daughter of Thomas Cecil, 1st Earl of Exeter, and Dorothy Neville. She had rejected Bacon, in favour of Sir Edward Coke, those of you who read my article Domesticating Man: Ethnocide during the Agricultural & Industrial ‘revolutions’, will remember Coke, ‘greatest of English judges’ as a keen opponent of enclosure, who famously declared depopulation to be against the laws of the realm, saying… “the encloser who kept a shepherd and dog in place of a flourishing village community was hateful to God and man.”

Dorothy Neville, the mother of Elizabeth, Lady Coke (née Cecil),

It goes without saying that the vast majority of those Bacon led the persecution of, as ‘witches’ were women of native Brythonic and Anglo-Saxon descent – those who, from the ‘Celtic fringes’ of the British Isles, secretly kept to the Old Ways; which still wielded a considerable cultural potency, which was likely seen as a potential threat to the cultural, and thus political domination of Europe by the Judeo-Christian establishment. The witch-trials were as deeply rooted in politics, as they were in racial hatred.

“Bacon… consistently used metaphors derived from the witch hunt and torture chamber to describe how scientists should force nature to relinquish her secrets.” Leonard Shlain, in ‘The Alphabet versus the Goddess.’

Bacon and his disciples, were the first who sought to ‘know’ nature, not through relationship and harmonious interaction therewith, but instead through violent deconstruction and manipulation. The ultimate goal of which, was complete domination over every Earthly form. Bacon himself was a keen torturer, a pederast who’s fondness for defiling the flesh, was merely expanded to form his theory of ‘scientific’ discovery. In a letter to King James I, he states “torture is used for discovery, and not for evidence.” Bacon’s Modus Operandi, summoned forth a scientific ‘trial by ordeal’, that would turn into an interrogation of nature, on a truly planetary scale.

“Bacon… treats nature as a female to be tortured through mechanical inventions… his imagery, strongly suggests the interrogations of the witch trials and the mechanical devices used to torture witches”… “the interrogation of witches as symbol for the interrogation of nature, the courtroom as model for its inquisition, and torture through mechanical devices as a tool for the subjugation of disorder were fundamental to the scientific method as power.” Carolyn Merchant, in ‘Francis Bacon and the Origins of Experimentation.’

“Man cannot enter nature’s ‘inner courts’ without confronting her inherent greatness.” Pesic’s translation of Bacon, in the same works.

Then came Descartes…

René Descartes (right) with Queen Christina of Sweden.

Descartes was a man who confused being with thinking, and thought he was therefore. Descartes’ big claim to fame is that he managed to square the circle between algebra and geometry, which allowed him to ‘discover’ infinitesimal calculus… I’m sure the recently dispossessed and bedraggled peoples of the British Isles were dancing in the streets. Unfortunately, his miniscule reckonings on ‘the nature of god and stuff’, continue to be a standard text in most university philosophy departments. Descartes is the second of the three ‘wise-men’ of the Scientific Revolution.

“When Descartes enunciated the principle that the fullest exploitation of matter is the whole duty of man, our separation from nature was virtually complete and the stage set for the coming of the Industrial Revolution. Three hundred and fifty years later this spirit still lingers in the person of Jean Vorst, Curator of France’s Museum of Natural History, who pronounces that our species, “because of intellect,” can no longer re-cross a certain threshold of civilization and once again become part of the natural habitat. He further states, expressing perfectly the original and persevering imperialism of agriculture, “As the earth in its primitive state is not adopted to our expansion, man must shackle it to fulfil human destiny.” John Zerzan in Elements of Refusal, 1966.

The Apple and the Aye…

Twenty or so years later, a young Issac Newton came into the world. Obsessed with occultism, coin and infinitesimal calculus (the quantum-quackery of the day), Issac allegedly had an apple fall upon his head (pity William Tell wasn’t around to finish the job) – and consequently, Western academia has been trapped within his Newtonian LEGO-brick universe ever since. Issac, as an adult, was so concerned with the ‘real world’ that even though he sat as member of Parliament from 1689–90 and then again in 1701–2, his only oratory contribution within England’s newly formed ‘democracy’ was to complain about a cold draught in the chambers, and to request that the window be closed. [1][2]

In-between mercurial visions and persecuting ‘coin-clippers’ Issac lurked in the Royal Mint, itself an enclosed fortress of gilded mercantilism. When he wasn’t counting his gold, or skimming pebbles across the blood of English peasants, he spent much of his time in his basement laboratories where he dedicated himself to alchemical pursuits. Indeed, one tenth of Newtons extensive writing concerns itself with alchemy, a fact that remained secret until Newtons papers came to auction. Much of Newtons more heretical writings have now been recombobulated by none other than John Maynard Keynes, the keen proponent of eugenics who was director of the British Eugenics Society (1937-1944) and developer of Keynesian ‘free-market’ economics. Two unrelated points, of course.

Our Worald, and Theirs!

This sickness, which came to us through the conduit of these acclaimed ‘men of reason’ – sought to distort, dominate and eventually recreate nature in its own twisted image. It attempted to redefine life’s value and purpose as the ability to exploit, subjugate, or otherwise dominate Earthly nature. No rock was to be left unturned, no innocence, nor species left undefiled and no well left up-tapped and, inevitably, no human culture spared ‘development’. All in accordance with the divine will of Man’s new God: himself, and his technology. Which now, is father and which is son – still remains to be seen.

“The deep need of man not to feel lost and lonely in the world had, of course, been previously satisfied by the concept of a god who had created this world and was concerned with each and every creature… but for many of those for whom God was dethroned, the need for a godlike figure did not disappear. Some proclaimed a new God, Evolution, and worshipped Darwin as its prophet.” Erich Fromm, in ‘The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness.’

When God became nothing but a divine architect, a projection of the scientific impulse. Progress, inevitably became Western Civilisations new Holy Crusade… and you can see it actively working today, both at home and around the world in the form of economic ‘development strategies’, ‘cultural outreach’ and ‘education’ programs, which are no different from the cultural imperialism of the Christian missionaries they all-too-often work side-by-side with still today. We may have rejected the ‘scientific’ notion of ‘racial hierarchies’, reverting by default back to the ‘universalist’ Christian concept of the ‘brotherhood of man,’ but through this doctrine, cultural imperialism has never been stronger, nor more effective at sterilising the cultural diversity of the ethnosphere, and generating the raw material of uprooted, disorientated and dependent peoples, ready to be fed into the jaws of globalism’s demonic machinations.

In order to prevent the continued growth of globalism’s cultural vacuum, we need to understand that primal, or traditional societies are not failed attempts at being us. They are different expressions of the beautifully diverse and complex potential of the human race, and they deserve to exist in their own right, and to pursue their own unique destiny. Aside from that, on a merely self-interested basis, there is no resilience, no ‘apocalyptic redundancy mechanism’ built-in to a world populated entirely by grain-brained techno-peasants, all hopelessly dependent on enormously fragile and incredibly complex systems of production, transportation and on ‘market forces’ of which they have little to no understanding and absolutely no power to influence. If Industrial Civilisation collapses tomorrow, I want to be able to take comfort in the knowledge that tens of thousands of African bushmen are wandering the scrub, completely oblivious to our plight, hunting and gathering just like they have for thousand of years, or that Nomadic herdsmen will roam the spring Tundra, hunting ducks and milking their reindeer, long after we are relegated to myth.

Nature abhors a vacuum, or in other words, a lack of structural diversity, complexity and plurality, for a very good reason. It is a vulnerability. To put the brakes on the process of cultural sterilisation, we must realise that by trying to ‘save the world’ – we have been ‘transforming’ it into the only world we are capable of saving… our own. Just like the Christian missionaries of old, who saw themselves as ‘civilising’ the savages, and then later bringing ‘enlightenment’ values to more primitive backwaters, modern imperialism claims to offer improvement and progress, to disguise itself as a ‘moral crusade’.

Today, that crusade is intimately entangled with technological development.

Cybernetic control panel, used by the government of Chile, in the 70’s.

It is important to bare in mind that the ‘supremacy’ of Western Civilisation, is its technological supremacy. Or more accurately, our over-indulgence in technology, to the detriment of every other part of ourselves and our land. This technological ‘prowess’ has come at the expense of not only an unfathomable psychological trauma and dissociation, but also the loss of our cultural narratives, our myths and ways of relating to the land and to each-other. Our sense of identity, once rooted in the natural world that sustained us, has become just another component of the psycho-social machinery of mass-society, there to be ruthlessly exploited by the various ideological narratives of the cultural engineers, who administer every political identity from the cybernetic social-control panels of the all-encompassing Technocratic World State, within which ‘left’ and ‘right’ are merely automations, simulations of opposition, maintained as a dynamic dualism, ‘good and evil’ incarnate and imposed upon the psychology of man, in order to divide and conquer his allegiances, to game our religious impulses and biological dispositions towards group-thinking. Farmer and sheep-dog work as one.

We have lost our wondrous innocence, our very souls have been cut-off from the natural world, and we are spinning further and further away from biological and spiritual ‘wholeness,’ propelled by the centrifugal forces of our own deranged imagination. Meaning no longer comes from the lips of our elders, for they too, were born into our increasingly pixilated world.

This, is the fate that awaits all cultures, peoples and ways-of-being, unlucky or desperate enough to be suckered into the cultural black-hole of modernity. You may call it ‘progress’ or ‘multi-culturalism’ or ‘diversity,’ and claim it’s some kind of ‘moral obligation,’ whilst you purchase cheap clothing and pay your taxes, but the fact remains, militaristic imperialism cannot be understood as separate from its consequences. Both the bombs and the mass-migrations of peoples caused thereby, are one-and-the-same, they are orchestrated by, and in the interests of the same occult forces, namely the Globalist financiers, and their scientific, technocratic elite of administrators, bureaucrats and corporate leaders. The rainbow gloss and news-speak rationale, cannot hide the truth of what is happening on the ground. Integration, sounds nice – until you realise that we’re ‘integrating’ these people into a necrotic anti-culture, hell-bent on destroying both itself and the natural world.

The revolution, will come from those places ‘thee world’ forgot!

[1] Edwards, E.R.; Jaggar, Geoffrey (1983). “Newton, Isaac (1642–1727)”. In Henning, B.D. The History of Parliament: the House of Commons 1660–1690.

[2] Hayton, D.W. (2002). “Newton, Isaac (1642–1727)”. In Hayton, D.; Cruickshanks, E.; Handley, S. The History of Parliament: the House of Commons 1690–1715.

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