Dr Gail Marie Bradbrook: Compassionate Revolutionary… for hire?

This is part 1 of a series of articles entitled ‘Astroturfing the way for the Fourth Industrial Revolution’.
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4) Extinction Rebellion and the Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism
5) #XRSpaceJunk 5G & Citizens Online: Industry Agents, Digital Acolytes and State Agitators

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6) UN-Extinction: A Guide for the Perplexed

Introducing Gail Bradbrook, professional activist

In order to understand an organisation or entity, one must first come to an understanding of its founders. Dr Gail Marie Bradbrook, along with Julian ‘Roger’ Hallam, appear to be the two primary instigators of the Extinction Rebellion (XR) movement.

The following is an investigation into Bradbrook, her background, professional associations, ideology and influences.

Screenshot from the transcript of a speech given by Dr Gail Bradbrook at a joint IPPR & Oxford
Internet Institute conference, 12/4/04, entitled ‘Whose Responsibility is Digital Inclusion?’. [Here]
Gail’s profile on citizensonline.org.uk, now taken down as of late 2018.

Gail and the other budding public figures involved in XR have chosen to enter the public eye by asking millions of people to stand with them in a campaign of non-violent civil disobedience, aimed at making profound changes to an economic and political system which millions of people rely on to stay warm, and obtain basic things like food and water. Due to the serious nature of the changes they are proposing (albeit without mentioning that they’re all taken straight from the UN’s ‘Sustainable Development Goals [1]’), they should welcome criticism and scrutiny of their activities. If they are sincere, they should demonstrate integrity, and not dismiss dissenting voices, but instead engage openly with people who question their motives and stated objectives.

The Mother of Extinction

Often called “the Mother” by members of Extinction Rebellion, Gail is a molecular biophysicist by training, though she hasn’t worked in that capacity for quite some time. Not long after finishing her post-doctoral research into ‘protein saccharide interactions’, she became a consultant for several ‘political charities’ and has, for the past 18 years worked exclusively as a professional campaigner – a role which, during a talk at Off-Grid Festival, she admits is “mostly about securing your own pay-check.[2]

Gail epitomises the new generation of ‘professional activists’, having positioned herself at the epicentre of the revolving door between big business, government bureaucracies and establishment-friendly NGOs, campaign groups and charitable organisations, all of which increasingly function as the public face of international corporate and financial power.

Acting through proxy organisations permits these forces to obscure the fact that government policies are being swayed by corporate entities that fund entire networks of charities and non-governmental organisations to interact with government on their behalf. NGOs and charities tend to be seen as more caring and less corrupt than their corporate sponsors; and are presented as such in the media, even when their staff and financials reveal them to be entirely monetarily dependent on the corporate entities and supranational bureaucracies that they covertly campaign on behalf of. There appears to be no remedy or legal redress we can use to reveal the true nature of these NGOs and charities, or hold them to even the most basic ethical and moral standards.

As described in our introduction, corporate entities have previously paid firms such as Stratfor to disrupt and neutralise inconvenient campaign groups. It would seem that in recent years they’ve increasingly taken to the expedient of simply funding the ‘right ones’ into existence in the first place, and then nudging less amenable competitors out from (as they no doubt see it) the ‘marketplace’ of causes. Worse still, these ostensibly ‘independent’ NGOs, charities and professional ‘campaign groups’ are increasingly tasked with stewarding government policy and objectives.

It is unclear precisely when, or more importantly how Gail transitioned from molecular biophysicist to collecting causes like a declining civilisation accumulates laws; but what we do know is that for the past two decades, she has been a favoured ‘activist’ of the British State, at least when it comes to their ‘digital inclusion’ and ‘universal internet access’ agendas. These euphemisms today refer to the 5G / Internet of Things roll-out; aimed at making sure that absolutely everybody, without exception, gets plugged-in to the emerging smart-grid, which incorporates both military hardware – used for crowd control [3], as well as psychological operations[4] with next-generation mind-control, surveillance and communications systems [5]. In other words, a full-spectrum cybernetic control apparatus which “if fully exploited could make Orwell’s 1984 seem like a benevolent utopia” (-William Burroughs, “Limits of Control [6]“).

The 5G network is primary to this apparatus, an essential component for the ‘scientific management’ global society; as envisioned and now being assembled all around us by an international oligarchy of techno-industrial and financial elites – the very same people who stand behind the UN [7], and are positioned to become its beneficiaries.

-Gail Bradbrook; taken from the same speech as her ‘secret agents’ quote.
Still available (at the time of writing) on the IPPR’s website, here.

As well as having the ear of government, many of the directors and trustees of Gail’s Citizens Online charity just so happen to be people whose companies stand to make an absolute killing from the 5G roll-out – which is covertly promoted by Extinction Rebellion, due to its coming under the auspices of the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 (the current rebranding of Agenda 21), which is most often referred to with deceptive simplicity, as ‘Sustainable Development’ [SD]. Indeed, the smart grid / 5G infrastructure roll-out and the United Nation’s ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDG) are entirely inseparable.

[SD] When you hear governments or NGOs use the phrase ‘Sustainable Development’, they do not simply mean development that is sustainable – they are, in fact, referring to a very specific series of policy documents, all of which were designed by the United Nations. Climate policies are one aspect of the UN’s SD goals.

Huawei: Accelerating Sustainable Development Goals through ICT (Information & Communications Technology). Note item 9: “Digital solutions for the SDGs could generate $2.1 trillion in new annual revenue for the ICT sector by 2030”.

“Government must enact legally-binding policy measures to reduce carbon emissions in the UK to zero by 2025 and take further action to remove the excess of atmospheric greenhouse gases.” – XR demands [here].

Extinction Rebellion’s demands (above) were in-fact taken straight from the objectives laid out by Hallam and Bradbrook in their Campaign Overview document of October of 2018, [here] back when the pair were still calling themselves the “coordination group coordinators”.

Download the document, here.

We’re curious to know which “legally-binding policy measures” you had in mind, Gail? (And by the way, what kind of arrangement were you imagining where the “Government” is to be “work(ing) alongside the media”?)

There is only one policy framework to this effect, developed by the UN’s technocratic ‘global governance’ bureaucracy; and it involves establishing world-wide CO2 taxation – which we’re being told (by the corporate-industrial elite), is ‘necessary to save the planet.’

‘Fast Forward Together’ graphic from the International Telecommunications Union expanding on UN SDG number 11, ‘Sustainable Cities and Communities’

We’ll explore these topics more, and expose the treasonous and subversive activities of the UN and their vast networks of industry sponsored ‘change agents’ later on. For now, let us return to that spear-head of ‘Sustainable Development’, Dr Gail Bradbrook.

Much of Gail’s career seems to have been spent sat in air-conditioned corporate conference centres with the likes of John Varney, Chief Technology Officer of the BBC, and any number of government and industry talking heads. Here’s the guest list from a standard ’roundtable’ meeting, the kind which Gail has spent nearly two decades attending. The document begins, “On Monday 7th June 2004 the IPPR’s Digital Society team hosted a private roundtable seminar to discuss forthcoming reforms to central Government IT.” Original [here].

Gail even had dinner at Number 10 Downing Street to ‘brainstorm on digital inclusion’.

Don’t know about you, but we tend to socially exclude ‘revolutionaries’ who previously worked
for the Cabinet Office, and get invited around for dinner at the Prime Minister’s house…

The fact of the matter is, Dr Gail Bradbrook is one of the UK State’s go-to ‘experts’, chosen to give (the right kind of) evidence at various parliamentary hearings and committees (which we’ll get to). Her job also has her attending high-level private sector meetings where she frequently rubs shoulders with telecommunications oligarchs, international business moguls and the whole autocratic circular-jerkular of highly politicised ‘scientists’ and other ‘experts’ who are invariably presented to us in the media as impartial and unbiased, but who (in reality) float like a layer of congealed scum on the surface of the EU and UN gravy-boat [*].

[*] Gravy-boat: “it’s bigger, slower and you can help yourself as often as you like.” -Sir Greville McDonald, The New Statesman (TV Series).

Sustainable compliance and inclusive surveillance

Before she was engaged in (pre-approved) rabble rousing, or pretending to glue herself [*] to the Department of Energy Headquarters, Gail was more likely to be found attending meetings held under Chatham House Rules, sat alongside people like Anthony Walker, former communications officer for the American Chamber of Commerce, who previously worked for the European Commission’s PR firm Rowland Company (owned by Saatchi & Saatchi)

[*] Gail admits she only pretended to super-glue herself to the department of energy HQ, in an interview with Margaret Klein Salamon [here], the ‘fundraising director’ of XR and founder-director of the Climate Mobilization [8] group. Salamon has written a book entitled ‘Leading the Public into Emergency Mode [9]’ and describes herself as a ‘climate psychologist [10]’. 

According to his LinkedIn profile, Antony Walker “was responsible for providing PR and communications consultancy to the European Commission on environment, information society and social fund policy areas. I was also responsible for supporting DG[*] Environment’s Local Agenda 21 sustainable development initiative.” [*] DG refers to the EU’s Directorate-General for Environment.

As you’ll see, there’s a fine line between Agenda 21/ 2030, or ‘Sustainable Development’ as they like to call it, and the techno-corporate oligarchy behind the 5G roll-out. When Gail met him, Walker was CEO of the Broadband Stakeholder Group; and he remains deputy CEO of TechUK (the Trade & Industry Association of GCHQ and the wider ‘information technology industry’).

Here’s Walker promoting Greta Thunberg’s ‘School Climate Strike’:

Walker’s Broadband Stakeholder Group (BSG) recently published a report tellingly entitled ‘Lowering barriers to 5G deployment’ [11], which makes ‘recommendations’ to industry, central government and local authorities. Seeing as how the BSG is comprised of all of the biggest telecommunications and mobile network providers, you can be sure that their ‘recommendations’ are going to be enshrined in policy by the central government. The BSG report [11] even suggests a dedicated ‘task force’ to hunt down any non-complying local authorities and to make sure that they’re all keeping in line with the government’s desire for the UK to be a ‘5G leader’.

In the course of its 65 pages, the report mentions neither the mounting scientific evidence [12] pointing to serious health implications of microwave exposure for both humans and animals, and especially those used by the 5G infrastructure, nor the multiple surveillance and privacy concerns.

Why? Because the scientists studying and raising awareness of the dangers of the millimetre and microwave radiation used by 5G, are simply the ‘wrong sort’ of scientists – meaning those without their biscuits in the gravy-boat.

They’re getting away with pushing 5G and military-grade ‘smart-grid’ surveillance hardware, by wrapping it up in platitudes about ‘Sustainable Development’ and claiming that we need these technologies for environmental monitoring [13]. Everything from air-quality control to climate prediction and modelling (a quack science if ever there was one). What they fail to mention, is that these applications are secondary to the mass-surveillance and electronic warfare capabilities [14]; and that 5G uses the same hardware (just re-branded) as is currently deployed by coalition forces in the Middle East as crowd control weaponry.

Inclusion = there is no escape!

The Orwellian ‘Digital Inclusion Unit’ (DIU), comprised of Gail, J. D. Fisher (the former Air Force officer who started Gail’s ‘CitizensOnline’ charity) and their whole cadre of industry-sponsored activists and academics, have previously suggested that they, as the DIU, be given powers to “influence the funding streams” of Local Authorities (already strapped for cash and struggling to provide front-line services, like housing and waste collection) as punishment for non-compliance with the central government’s Digital Inclusion Agenda. An agenda, largely written by NGOs and charities like Gail’s who’re funded by internet and mobile phone infrastructure providers.

No doubt similar penalties await any Local Authority who dares to resist the roll out of military-grade surveillance hardware and ‘crowd-control’ weaponry into the residential areas of their constituents.

Astroturfing for Justice and Money

Professional activism also works in the inverse: lobbying and campaigning within the ‘corporate world’ on behalf of governments and supranational bureaucracies. Gail’s career effortlessly transitions from industry-funded roles to government ones, and more often than not, there is no meaningful separation between the two. An example of this is her involvement with the EU/ UN proxy known as the ‘Tax Justice Network’ (TJN). We’ll be delving much deeper into this subversive economic ‘think-tank’ later on in ‘Red Gail and the Borderless Tax Collectors’; for now, a brief overview of the organisation will serve as a good example of how ‘astroturfing’ works.

The reason the TJN provides such a good case study is because, whereas many such NGOs go to the trouble of disguising themselves, with the TJN there isn’t even a pretence of separation between them and the EU/ UN, whose people brazenly sit on its board as Trustees and Directors alongside ‘tax justice activists’ who audaciously present themselves as ‘reformed tax avoiders’ – owing to the fact that they previously held high-ranking positions within some of the world’s largest ‘offshore’ accountancy firms.

The TJN’s founder, John Christensen, previously worked for the offshore financial services firm Touche Ross & Co; and for 11 years he was economic adviser to the government of the British Channel Island of Jersey. This is another reason why the TJN and its subsidiary organisations provide such a clear example of what has become known as ‘controlled opposition’ – the process whereby an entity, be it an industry giant or government agency, actually creates and funds its own opposition groups.

Take, for example Greenpeace, whose two largest U.S. donors [15] are the Rockefellers (whose money paid for the land on which the UN headquarters in New York was built), and the foundation of Ted Turner, media mogul, largest land owner in the U.S., and creator of Captain Planet, who in 1997 donated 1 billion dollars to the UN [16][17]. Or the 100+ ‘environmental’, ‘social justice’ and ‘sustainable development’ groups [18] that are funded by the oil barons and arch-eugenicists of the Rockefeller clan.

The most advanced and pernicious form of these tactics is known as ‘astroturfing’, which is the creation of fake ‘grass-roots’ (hence, astroturf) campaigns, then used to push for, or smother authentic opposition to industry and/or government policies and agendas. Astroturfing uses networks of paid, ‘professional activists’ who operate through the various proxy organisations. We hope this demonstrates the cold, calculative efficiency with which these people operate. Anyhow, there’s much more to come on the TJN, in the strand entitled “Red Gail and the Borderless Tax Collectors.”

Throughout this investigation into the creators of Extinction Rebellion, we’ll be delving deep into world of the ‘professional activist’. Along the way we’ll explore many of the think-tanks, NGOs and campaign groups involved in astroturfing the environmental movement, as well as dredging up some of the sharks and bottom feeders that lurk in their depths.

You’ll see many individuals cropping up again and again, with some members of the NGOligarchy presiding over vast constellations of charities, think-tanks and lobby groups, all designed to create the appearance of an organic ‘ground-swell’ of concerned citizens, academics and ‘thinkers’ who all (coincidently enough) push for near-identical policies and reforms; most of which mirror, perfectly, the objectives and policies of the EU, UN and their foundation, trust and funding body puppetmasters. One merely has to look at who funds these NGOs and charities to conduct their ‘research’ and to promote their toothless campaigns or quack economic theories cum technocratic, globalist ideology. Follow the money, as the saying goes!

We’ve traced the development of these ideas within the academic-intelligence apparatus, back to (at least) the early 90s, and to a new generation of internet-savvy intelligentsia – keen to leverage their understanding of emerging technologies by studying their sociological and political implications, and then ‘selling’ what they learn back to the corporate-state (as a means of preserving their monopoly on cultural and intellectual expression, increasingly threatened by the advent of more horizontal, network orientated information technologies). Gail, her mentors and employers, have been on the peripheries of these concepts since their genesis. We will explore these networks more in the strand entitled: Digital Citizenship in the New Dark Age.

BITC’s corporate sponsors from when Gail first joins.
Citizens Online ‘partners’ just before Gail starts to work for them.

Gail Bradbrook has spent the past 18 years on the pay-roll of charities, NGOs and political ‘think-tanks’ (like the Blairite/New Labour IPPR), being funded by J. P. Morgan Chase (which happens to be the UN’s bank), BT, Shell, Microsoft, CISCO, Panasonic, Goldman Sachs, BAE Systems, NEON Communications (whose ‘Director of Global Sales’, Lord Anthony Tudor St John, is heavily invested in 5G technology and also sits as trustee of Citizens Online), IBM, Unilever, N. M. Rothschild & Sons [19]… you name it: the whole ‘in the club’ of corporate funny-handshake hegemony – to give ‘independent advice’ to government and help develop government strategies, policies and to define their objectives.

This, we can prove beyond any doubt: the paper trail exists and will be presented throughout this series – the question which yet remains unanswered is whether or not Gail’s latest project, Extinction Rebellion, should be seen simply as a continuation of this work, or whether she has genuinely ‘gone rogue’ and is now biting the hand that has been (and still is) feeding her, quite handsomely, for the vast majority of her adult life.

This is just the beginning: stay tuned.

[Click here for part 2]: Political Charities and Professional Activism: NGOs for hire.

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11 thoughts on “Dr Gail Marie Bradbrook: Compassionate Revolutionary… for hire?

  1. It’s amazing how much time one person can waste on a bizarre and malicious conspiracy theory if the chip on their shoulder is large enough. I can tell by your uniquely tenuous claims that we’ve actually conversed on Twitter before. You’re the same person who got all upset when young activists showed up at *your* fracking site, didn’t respect your weird rules, and made you feel ashamed for eating meat. Then when Caroline Lucas came and had the temerity to join their camp not yours, you got bent right out of shape.

    And here you are, utterly bitter, utterly hopeless and utterly confused about the real threats we all face. While the real environmentalists have been reaching out to wider society, organising and taking action, you’ve dug the depths of internet conspiracy theory and come up with your own ridiculous story which reads like a tour of every racist troupe going:

    **of course you’re blaming the UN, NGOs, Rockefellers and other so called globalists!

    **of course the naïve youngsters are just being manipulated by the ingenious dark forces of “other” you blame for all your frustrations!

    **of course the truth is that those XR youngsters are all funded by the wealthy jews who control the world!

    I’m afraid you sound like a crusty old hobbit muttering away to herself on the weirdo fringes of a Republican tea party event.

    You’ve taken a superficial understanding of Chomsky and bolstered up your own flimsy claims with various clumsy Trumpian delusions. You’re desperate for attention so why not appeal to all the classic Trump-like beacons of paranoia and suspicion: evil NGOs, malignant charities, those “globalists” and typical swivelled eyed myopathy towards the UN. Anyone who knows anything about these largely inept organisations finds your presumption of competence hilarious – as if any of them have the capability to pull off such a grand conspiracy! I bet you’re just bursting to tell us how naïve we all are: how the scientists are all lying to us, climate change is fake, how chem-trails are real, how Savory’s right about cattle, how CO2 is just distraction from the real threats. We got into this on twitter but your argument collapsed at the first sniff of any science.

    You’re not totally wrong about the threat of surveillance capitalism though. But you’re also not above conducting your own creepy surveillance against the leaders you’re so painfully jealous of, are you?

    Your character assassination of Gail and Roger is disgusting. Even by your own surveillance of Gail’s career, her crime seems to be to have amassed decades of experience working in development based jobs, including a few NGOs. The fact some of them have funding links to various well known Jewish finance surnames is not going to soil Gail’s reputation in the eyes of anyone other than a few brain dead anti-semites who are still hanging around our movement like a musty old fart. I see you haven’t even bothered publishing anything on Roger yet (but that’s not stopped you trashing his character) I look forward to seeing how you attempt to twist his personal story into some secret service for the powerful elite. Good luck making that even remotely plausible.

    Traditionally the left loves an infight. We love grand critiques of everything other than ourselves, a lot of us are suckers for conspiracy theory and can’t resist reading anything that purports to expose the bad guys in our midst. But this is a pathetic effort which we just don’t have time for. You might not believe the IPCC reports but we’re taking them seriously. You can slag off your betters until you’re blue in the face, but unless you have positive plan of what we need to actually do, based on real evidence, you are simply a fantasist wasting everyone’s time.

    1. 1) Not one of the researchers involved use twitter.

      2) “(…) made you feel ashamed for eating meat.”
      Not likely, I’ve been ketogenic paleo for the best part of 10 years.

      3) I’ve been involved in environmental activism and campaigning all my life. This in an attempt to help the real environmental movement, break free from UN and industry co-option.

      4) the rest of your rant read likes this, “racist / anti-Semite / swivelled eyed / crusty old hobbit / Trumpian delusions”… and so on.
      ad hominem does not pass for argument here, so why don’t you shuffle along back to your buzzfeedlot or whatever echo-chamber you ordinarily augment with your state-sanctioned view of reality.

      1. Col. thinks this is written by Frances Leader? Which would explain the frenzied adhominem attack clutching at that to defend his myopic view of the situation, and so failing miserably to address any of the issues raised in the article.

  2. If all this is verified why not add it to wikipedia? The XR and Gail and Roger’s pages are rather thin.

    1. Marcus, I parted with a little bit of cash once since Wikipedia was quite useful when I was studying plants, (no pun intended) and they apparently needed the funds. Once I got into studying how the world works, however…

  3. In reading the inflamed comments by Col : I couldn’t help feeling sorry for the person who designed and wrote the rant. Sorry, but it comes off like a professional trolling piece…

    Try contacting Extinction Rebellion members regarding the disastrous environmental consequences of Solar Radiation Management programs. Planet wide geoengineering processes have been playing out for over 70 years, but no one notices the disaster. Citizens should try looking at the sky once and a while. See any problems? What’s in that silver grey muck the aircraft leave behind? Breathe deep the gathering gloom of near term planet-wide extinction – PRIMARILY driven by toxic aerosol release operations …

    Geoengineering is largely funded and controlled through Raytheon, Boeing, Airbus Lockheed Martin, NASA , and other corporate eugenics ghouls. You will get “conspiracy theory” brush offs from most Extinction Rebellion members and nearly ALL corporate funded “environmental” NGOs like Greenpeace. Why is that?

    Extinction Rebellion is still foolishly quoting from IPCC climate nonsense and ignoring the realities of climate and populations being controlled by paramilitary entities. We are under siege. Get a grip.

  4. Gail Bradbrooke is something of a fraud and it is likely she is getting the soft approach from the Government because they need her help to push the agenda. Similar to suing the EPA to get the legislation they themselves wanted to introduce but couldn t get through.

  5. First off, thanks to the author for doing the research on this text. While I don’t agree with everything that is written, it offers a great expose on some of the deception behind a modern popular activist movement.

    Personally, I was a part of the Occupy movement back in 2011 in Sydney. This was a big eye opener for me and it helped me evolve my ability to stand up for myself. I was part of no politically affiliated group but I shared the intention of exposing the fraudulent practices of banking institutions.

    Coming from the left myself, following first a gut feeling and then doing research on the subject, I have had to force myself to see the full picture regarding ‘climate change’ and the new ‘extinction rebellion’ movement. I am an outsider in the my views but I have found others from my background that agree. It is a very touchy subject to be vocal about because to speak what you’ve discovered is the truth to the current popular movement is to immediately be deposited on the opposite side of the fence.

    As someone that wants to do something about it all, it’s very difficult to know where to put your action that it will be effective in these times – considering the layers of deception and secrecy beneath both government and non-government institutions and their relevant causes.

    I had a dream once that the world ended and there was this big earthquake and the shook everything up, I was about to die so I jumped into this huge crevice in the rock.

    Still in the dream, I awoke in a cave under the earth and a friend was there, one that I knew for a few years, she offered me a drink and said, “So here we are, the end of the world.. let’s go up and have a look at what’s happened.”

    I emerged from the cave and turned into a bird and flew up high to see what was going on. There were still people running around thinking they were in control of the weather or that they had the right information and they had their own little cliques; there were still people playing games of control, self-deluded narcissists and charismatics which drew flocks of naive and scared people into their self contained aquarium of delusion. Then there were still others that chose to remain separate from this, just getting on with their lives, indifferent and immune to the power struggles of the rest of humanity.

    A world will end – some form of it will – but humans will continue their need to control. Influence and beliefs are stacked as chips on different sides and key players battle it out to have supremacy.

    It’s important to maintain separation from the game as well. You don’t have to be involved in it all the time. If you have the luxury, get away from it all and enjoy the river or the forest once in a while with electronics left at home.

    These cycles of humanity throughout the ages certainly make you question the deeper aspects of life and the fundamentals of what holds our reality together. I’ve had enough of stressing about the end of everything, being raised as a doomsdayer myself. I’m tired and I don’t care anymore about running around like a chook with his head cut off, looking for the ‘latest information’.

    I’ve found time and time again, any organisation or political movement I’ve aligned myself with has always had different outcomes to the intentions I went in there for.

    The enemy remains the same: humans’ psychological need to control one another, which can be boiled down to ‘elitism’ – A solemn belief that one individual or group of individuals is worth more than another individual or group of individuals.

    For the most part, the best way to alleviate elitism is just to be yourself, let go of insecurities and accept that not everything can be controlled, nor does it need to be. Acceptance is key to releasing insecurities. Starting with the individual you and then working out from there. It is a reaction to these insecurities that cause the greater cancer as it is in society today. Insecurities are passed on like family heirlooms from one generation to another with the control of something being the aim; millenia-long plans for world domination based on a feeling of powerlessness once felt by a child long-long ago, then held on to for dear life as though it was life itself.

    What a joke!

    But here we are, living in the crux of it and forced to deal with it in an in our face kind of way.

    I wish the best of luck to everyone in these most interesting times,


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