THE remarkable effectiveness of hiding something in plain sight, so to speak, is undoubtedly a great testimony to what has long been a tried-and-tested method of calculated deceit. The German philosopher, Martin Heidegger, once referred to this exercise in chicanery as “the inconspicuousness of the obvious” and I would therefore like to highlight what I perceive to be a more contemporary example of this same underhanded process. Over the past few weeks, this website has featured a series of articles in which the high-profile environmentalist group, Extinction Rebellion (ER), has been exposed as a front for globalisation and what some are describing as a Fourth Industrial Revolution. Not only have these reports linked some of ER’s leading activists to the spheres of government and business, not to mention Third World taxation, but it seems clear to anyone who is prepared to investigate this organisation in any real depth that the capitalists are using the unquestioning bulk of the European green movement to create new markets in ‘alternative’ technology and effectively roll out a New World Order in the name of ‘saving the planet’. Whilst I appreciate that the call for mankind to bring an immediate halt to its own destruction – as well as to the wonderful flora and fauna that surrounds us – may seem like a noble act at a time of great crisis, it is also part of a systematic effort to move us into the next phase of political, social and economic slavery.

A year ago, a May 12th, 2017 Guardian article made the claim that Karl Marx was the first accelerationist, a claim which has some validity. However, I would like to add one or two thoughts of my own. Dealing first with communism, the ideology’s strong theoretical dependence on the necessity for capitalism to lead ‘underdeveloped’ societies through the socio-economic stages which are apparently indispensable for the attainment of its own utopian ends, meant that the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution essentially cleared the way for the rapid modernisation of Russia. With Lenin having been permitted to pass through Kaiser Wilhelm II’s Germany on his way to Russia in a sealed train, once the Bolshevik leader had served his nefarious purpose and bitten the Moscow dust, he was succeeded by Stalin and so began the intensive industrialisation of the 1930s. Those who wished to open up new exploitative markets were simply not prepared to wait until Tzar Nicholas II finally got the upper hand on those landowners who were so thoroughly committed to maintaining the country’s ‘outdated’ feudal system and, thus, impeding the rate of economic change. As far as I am concerned, communism was the means by which Russia – and much of Europe – was made ripe for capitalist plunder, something that is certainly in keeping with the accelerationist theory itself. Since then, of course, there have been many other examples of deliberate accelerationism; from the election of an ‘unpredictable’ and ‘fascistic’ U.S. presidential figurehead who is being used to stick the imperial boot in on foreign policy, right through to the mass mobilisation of a leftist opposition that will, over time, finally oversee the imposition of further legislation in favour of political correctness and, more inadvertently, against protest in general. The security agencies behave in the same way. If, for example, the views held by Islamic fundamentalists or neo-nazis present a long-term threat to the smooth running of the capitalist economy, either by opposing the Israeli State or complaining about mass immigration, then the globalists will deliberately take things further down the line by recruiting agent provocateurs and unwitting stooges who can effectively discredit their belief-systems and make such ideologies appear even more unpalatable than they were before. If there isn’t an immediate threat, then the Establishment will set about fabricating one in order to deal with any potential for future instability. Accelerationism in action. It is easy to see, then, precisely how Extinction Rebellion is trying to deceive its liberal-leftist supporters and hasten the quest for capitalist expansion.

4 thoughts on “Extinction Rebellion: Clearing the Way for Global Tyranny

  1. I’ve been reading quite a bit about this subject with absolute horror. Everyone has been brainwashed – as well as me, until recently. What practical steps can any individual do to combat this progression towards a global dictatorship?

  2. Fascinating stuff!

    If the likes of Extinction Rebellion, Friends of the Earth , Greenpeace, David Attenborough , the Green Party Greta Thunberg et alia are indeed witting or unwitting agents of the “New World Order”, are there then any practical steps we can take to avoid the dystopian future you predict?

  3. I disbelieve you strongly, I wish you would see the common struggle. Don’t tell me anything about “XR Founderslinks to Government and […]”. I haven’t ever got orders from one of them. I don’t care. Argument 2 is economy using climate activism for green-Consumerism is 100% valid. But you cannot oppose this as activists. They sell shirts with Che Guevara on it you know, consumersim will use everything that sells. People will try to put in their new world order, others will theorize about it. I don’t care as long as everybody is destroying our home.

    Stop conspiracing and start focussing on what’s really important! Tell the Truth, don’t seperate the people.
    Thank you for all your effort but I really think you are fearing getting bit by a mosquito while your standing in Godzilla’s footsteps.

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