#XRSpaceJunk 5G & Citizens Online: Industry Agents, Digital Acolytes and State Agitators

This is part 5 of a series of articles entitled ‘Astroturfing the way for the Fourth Industrial Revolution’.
Here are the links to the other parts:

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1) Dr Gail Marie Bradbrook: Compassionate Revolutionary… for hire?
2) Political Charities and the Brave New World of Professional Activism
3) Green Gail and the Technocratic Industrialists: Citizens Online’s Digitopian Nightmare
4) Extinction Rebellion and the Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism

Following the back-pedalling over XR’s recent PR disaster, which led to Gail having to issue a public apology, sorry ‘public correction’, as well as shutting down the potentially very lucrative ‘XR Business’ (read the statement here) [1], we thought now might be a good time to release details of the breadth and scope of Gail’s “partners in industry”. Being those with whom she has worked for most of her adult life, and who have facilitated her campaigns, right up until the moment a few months ago when she selflessly reneged on any prior arrangement with her corporate backers to become one of the UK’s premier ‘grass-roots environmental campaigners’ (or not).

As we’ve explored in previous articles, the founder and ‘mother’ of Extinction Rebellion, Dr Gail Marie Bradbrook has spent the past two decades as a director of third sector front-groups (BITC and Citizens Online); both funded and quite unashamedly run in the interests of various international corporate cabals (mostly tech and communications) and government entities.

Some of the biggest corporations, banks and state-bureaucracies in the world ‘valued’ what Gail, her husband and their business associates were offering, so much so that they pumped millions of pounds into funding their ‘charitable works’.

This article is a Who’s-Who of Citizens Online, which makes it a Who’s-Who of XR’s founder Gail Bradbrook’s business networks. And being the corporate wageseeker, I mean ’empowered business woman’ that she is, it also very much overlaps with her personal life.

“Tell me with whom you associate and I will tell you who you are.” -Goethe

John David Fisher

Dr Gail Bradbrook’s ex-husband and partner in crime for most of her career as ‘professional activist’ was Mr John David Fisher.

J. D. Fisher comes to the world of ‘digital inclusion’ from the Royal Air Force (RAF) where he (allegedly) trained as a fast jet pilot (1973-1977) [2], before beginning a career in local government, characterised by his ability to create “partnerships between government, business and the voluntary sectors” [3]. One has to wonder whether or not J. D. Fisher’s career in Public Service was suggested by, or perhaps even came about at the behest of the RAF, or some entity or group connected thereto. After all, what better way to influence policy on behalf of the Air Force and their “partners in industry” – evidence in support of this proposition will be provided in the Digital Citizenship in the New Dark Age article to follow.

John David Fisher is down as “employee no.1″on the Citizens Online website [4], which previously described him as joining the organisation as CEO back in February of 2000 [5]. When the company was first registered, John Fisher was listed on the application as secretary; the directors then, were Christine Louise Adams and Mark Stuart Adams (we’ll get to them). Prior to his joining a previously non-existent entity, John’s career in public life saw him commissioning several major projects in Nottingham (1978 – 1985) and Swindon. He was Borough Leisure Officer Thamesdown Borough Council from 1993 -1996, becoming Director of Community & Leisure Services for the newly centralised Swindon Unitary Authority 1996 -2000. [6]

Fisher was also a member of No. 10’s Digital Inclusion Panel and an adviser to UK Government ministers Stephen Timms [7] (who worked in the telecommunications industry before entering Parliament) and Margaret Hodge [8]. Fisher was an adviser to Government’s Minister at the EU e-Inclusion Summits (Crete 2003, Riga 2006, Lisbon 2007), and has been involved in innumerable other EU-ran ‘Digital Agenda’ conferences and round-tables, as well as an advisor to the British Council in Moscow [9].

Fisher’s professional relationship with Gail stretches across some twenty years, and ‘cross-cuts’ everything she does; from their Citizens Online charity, to Gail’s tax avoidance campaign group, ‘Tax Justice Research’ [10], which is a subsidiary organisation to John Christensen’s Tax Justice Network [11] (see: taxjustice.net). We’ll be delving into more in these networks in ‘Red Gail and the Borderless Tax Collectors’.

Fisher also sits alongside Gail as the director of ‘Home PC Limited’ [12]. A seemingly pointless registered company, set-up through the @UKPLC company formations firm [13] which, coincidentally enough, features prominently in the Panama and Paradise Papers (tax avoidance industry leaks) [14] and has been shown to have numerous ties to the British Intelligence services as well as various organised crime syndicates [15].

Back in 2001, Citizens Online claimed they were working to create a “conduit between Government, industry and the voluntary sector” [16]. J. D. Fisher’s previous wife Mrs Gillian Fisher, worked as a sponsorship and marketing adviser for a major UK financial services company (which is a fancy way of saying that she gets up to stuff like this?) [17]. Gillian was previously down as a Director of the Home PC Limited company, but it appears Gail led a hostile take-over of that position also. Possibly after J. D Fisher let the cat out of the bag regarding those limitless transfers of non-traceable cash advances to shell companies (such as Home PC Limited) which can be legally written off as ‘research costs’ or ‘exploration fees’.

In 2009 Fisher became director of the Royal Air Force Club in London’s Mayfair. The club offers “luxurious and peaceful surroundings to serving and former officers of the RAF and Allied Air Forces”. A distinction which suggests Fisher’s career in the RAF may have been more illustrious than the public record shows, given as how the club’s other directors all appear to be highly decorated officers from among the RAF’s ‘top-brass’ [18]. Including Air Marshal Sue Gray – the RAF’s first female 3-star officer, who currently holds the title of most senior female military officer in the entire British Armed Forces; as well as Wendy Rothery, former Deputy Commander of NATO, then promoted to Air Commodore and Head Service Accommodation in the Defence Infrastructure Organisation [duller the name, higher the game].

Previous Directors even include a former prime minister, Harold Wilson! Lord Donoughue, one of Harold Wilson’s most senior advisors (who later served as a minister under Tony Blair) has recently replaced George Monbiot’s uncle Lord Nigel Lawson, as Chairman of the resolutely aristocratic and lukewarmly ‘climate sceptic’ (controlled opposition group) The Global Warming Policy Foundation [19]. Small world, eh?

Fisher at some industry-NGO circle-jerk award ceremony.

Hence, our working hypothesis is that Fisher’s spell in the Air Force as ‘fast jet pilot’ may also have included, or been a cover for time spent working within SIGINT (signals intelligence) or some other branch of the RAF’s intelligence apparatus. We don’t have any concrete evidence of this (yet) – but it seems far more likely than his transitioning from some nondescript ‘pilot training’ to starting-up a charity now dedicated to surreptitiously pushing military-grade infrastructure technologies on a largely unsuspecting public.

Lord Antony Tudor St John of Blesto.

Artificial intelligence—AI—is set to dramatically change the nature of white-collar work (…) The AI revolution will happen in years, not decades. Time is of the essence we need to ensure that the United Kingdom is at the forefront of the AI revolution, as it was in the Industrial Revolution.”(…) “As the noble Lord, Lord Hollick, said, it was encouraging that the Government mentioned in their industrial strategy that AI and data capture need to be identified as one of the four grand challenges in which the UK can lead the world for years to come.” Lord St John, Patron and Trustee of Gail’s Citizens Online charity talking in the House of Lords, where he sits as Crossbencher [20].

… ssssssssssustainable!

Patron of Citizens Online, St John has been an independent crossbencher in the House of Lords since 1978, is currently a Member of the House of Lords Communications Select Committee as well as the Information Committee, and was appointed an ‘extra Lord-in-Waiting’ to the Queen in 1998. He is a spokesman for African affairs (neo-colonialism), deregulation (robbery), financial services (more robbery) and information technology. He began his career as an Oil Analyst at County Natwest, then equity sales and investor relations with Smith New Court, and then after that was at Merrill Lynch, focussed on Sub-Saharan Africa and the Far East [21]. Previously roles include Internal Auditor and Legal Counsel at Shell, from 1998 to 2003. He is a strategic advisor to the 2e2 Group Limited, a data storage and cloud infrastructure provider that provides “discrete technology implementations” [22] that seeks to address the needs of government, from “the smallest district to the largest Unitary.”

More on 2E2 [23]

View a partial timeline of St John’s positions/ directorships [24].

St John has previously tried his hand at carbon trading, via the now defunct CarbonDesk Group plc [25] – the activities of which, amusingly enough, seem to have been entangled with a £250 million Ukrainian oil deal [26] which St John was simultaneously involved with.

St John was ‘Global Business Development Director’ and then Managing Director of Globix Corporation (an internet infrastructure provider) which later became NEON Communications Group, Inc [27]. St. John also served as Vice President of Business Development and was a Director and major shareholder of NEON Communications Group [28] and both entities have provided funding to Citizens Online, and thus to Gail and her ex-husband John David Fisher since the early 2000s. In fact, back in the early days, Globix Corporation was one of the first companies to fund Citizens Online’s activities and it seems likely that St John has been an influential force since the organisation’s inception.

Some of Citizens Online’s “Industry Partners” back in the early-mid 2000s.

Most curious then, that quite recently (12 January 2018 to be specific) at the exact same time that Extinction Rebellion was being brewed in the Mother of Extinction’s womb, Lord St John – one of her closest business partners and the man who has been funding her activities for nearly 20 years – became a director of Tyvak Orbital Networks which bills itself as being “the world’s leading provider and innovator of nano- and micro-satellites” of the precise type being lauded as a potential solution to the ‘problem’ of making sure that everyone (whether you live up a mountain, or deep in the primordial rainforest) has ‘access’ to 5G.

Or, rather – that 5G has ‘access’ to you.

Boeing Phantom Works logo.

Established in 2011, Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems [29] was co-founded by Jordi Puig-Suari [30] and Scott MacGillivray, who previously managed nanosatellite programs for Boeing Phantom Works [31], the advanced prototyping arm of the Boeing Company [32], responsible for developing their next generation and highly classified weapons platforms (Phantom Works are Boeing’s answer to Lockheed’s Skunk Works [33]), including aircraft, drones and NASA’s unmanned spacecraft.

Tyvak is a subsidiary company owned by the US military intelligence, communications and aerospace corporation, Terran Orbital [34], who claim to manufacture ‘space systems’ and aerospace solutions “at a fraction of the cost of traditional spacecraft.”

Yes, they said that…
… you know, the kind your parents saw on T.V. that time.Hundreds of thousand of these ‘nano-’ and ‘micro-’ satellites, are to be manufactured by corporations like Tyvak Orbital ready for 5G and related Fourth Industrial Revolution infrastructure projects.

Tyvak recently received funding from Lockheed Martin Ventures to build a new 37,000-sq. foot manufacturing facility. Tyvaks’s CEO Antony Previte [35] described the new capital as “incredibly enabling” for the company’s long-term goals, including reaching the $100 million revenue mark, and said the tremendous overlap between Lockheed Martin’s services and its own will result in a long and synergistic relationship between the two companies. As you can see, there is no ‘fine line’ between St John and the military-industrial complex. He and his company have the backing of some of the largest defence companies in the world.

“This investment has been really material to this business,” he said. “We have access to work on the government side that we never would have been able to go after.” [36]. Other investors include Goldman Sachs [37].

So, is it any wonder that the Lord St John, patron and funder of Gail ‘Mother of Extinction’ Bradbrook’s Citizens Online charity, is doing his best in the House of Lords, to ‘deregulate’ and remove obstacles (like safety standards) whilst hyping-up the benefits of 5G, when he and his partners in industry are poised to make a fortune from the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ ‘sustainable development’ (apologies, easy mistake to make!)?

Tyvak’s ‘CubeSat’ small satellites are even used by the International Space Station… well, by the ‘ISS Environment’ in Torino, Italy – whatever that means!

St John’s also involved in various neo-colonial looting operations in Africa, including…

African Minerals UK Limited, which was at the time of St John’s involvement (2004-2005) called the Sierra Leone Diamond Company Ltd (blood diamonds) [38].

More on African Minerals here:

Then we have Obtala Limited which is a ‘sustainable agriculture’ initiative, whose £33 million in assets (that’s a lot of yams) vanished around the time St John left the company.

Dr Gerald Augustine Power

Gerald Augustine Power, who describes Gail as a “good friend” has worked with her and Citizens Online on various policy documents, research papers and projects over the years. Most of which are too tedious to even mention, and all of which push for the digital expansionism/ inclusion agenda, now being used to promote smart-grid/ 5G tech with a particular focus on government services.

Has Mr Power been reading our articles?

Dr Power starts his career working for the Ministry of Defence, entering through its science and technology managerial fast track programme. He claims to have “worked within or with most major Central Government departments including the Cabinet Office, DWP, DH, HMRC, DfT, Directgov and CLG” [39] and that his “most prominent role within Government was with the Cabinet Office where I provided advice to Ministers and Departments on the economic case for digital services” and that he has remained in this area of work ever since.

“I have over ten years’ experience in transforming service delivery through digital technology and over twenty in delivering change. This includes being a Cabinet Office policy advisor on digital service delivery. Successful implementation of change in Central Government (DWP, DH, MOD, CLG, HMCTS), Local Government, Housing Associations and Public Health.” [40]

His most recent project has been “working with the Courts and Tribunals Service to create a new customer‐driven service proposition”.

Today, Gerald sits on the board of directors of the defunct Trapeze Transformation Ltd, another apparent boiler-room / shell company, which has the ghost of Mrs Barbara Kahan, as nominee (fake) director. An infamous figure to researchers of high-level organised crime, Mrs Kahan has been appointed to a grand total of over 22,825 different companies [41], mostly between January and April 2016, sitting on the board of most of these companies for a few days before resigning [42] , the vast majority of these registered by the infamous ‘company formations agency’ Woodberry Secretarial Limited of Winnington House, 2 Woodberry Grove, North Finchley, London. In short, if anyone can pin her down as ‘the real Barbara Kahan’ [43] (born June 1931) then I’ll eat my trapezoid trilby.

Richard Henry Coleman

One of the more recent additions to the directorship of Citizens Online is the former oil company executive, Richard Henry Coleman. A man whose entire career has been spent hopping between executive positions with Exxon Mobil and its various subsidiary petrochemical cabals.

Exxonmobil Investment Company LimitedOil Company ExecDirector12 October 2007 — 30 November 2009RESIGNED
Exxonmobil Finance Company LimitedOil Company ExecDirector12 October 2007 — 30 November 2009RESIGNED
Roc UK LimitedOil Company ExecDirector17 September 2007 — 30 November 2009RESIGNED
Citizens OnlineRetiredDirector15 December 2016ACTIVE
Exxonmobil Marine LimitedOil Company ExecDirector17 September 2007 — 30 November 2009RESIGNED
Exxonmobil UK LimitedOil Company ExecDirector11 October 2007 — 30 November 2009RESIGNED
Exxonmobil Aviation International LimitedOil Company ExecDirector17 September 2007 — 30 November 2009RESIGNED
Youth OptionsRetiredDirector4 November 2009ACTIVE
Nalco Energy Services Marketing LimitedFinancial MangerSecretary18 July 1994 — 30 August 1994RESIGNED
Youth Options Centres LimitedRetiredDirector4 November 2009ACTIVE
Advanced Elastomer Systems LimitedOil Company ExecDirector1 October 2007 — 30 November 2009RESIGNED
Terram LimitedFinancial ManagerDirector8 August 1994 — 16 January 1995RESIGNED
Terram LimitedFinancial ManagerSecretary1 December 1993 — 16 January 1995RESIGNED
Retail Petroleum Services LimitedOil Company ExecDirector17 September 2007 — 30 November 2009RESIGNED
Mainline Pipelines LimitedOil Company ExecDirector9 October 2007 — 30 November 2009RESIGNED

The above list is by no means extensive, a more complete list of some of his former roles can be found here [44].

A portion of Richard Coleman’s business networks.

Gail claims not to know Coleman, even though he became a director back in 2016…

Coleman is also involved (with a bunch of his oil-mafia and bankster type friends) in Youth Options and Youth Option Centres Limited – and if that doesn’t send shivers down your spine, then you might want to pay more attention.

A curious cast of characters, one has to admit. Is it a mere coincidence that XR’s Climate Emergency mandate happens to coincide with the business objectives of Bradbrook’s associates? That indeed, is the billion-dollar question.

For further context, we present:

Citizens Online’s Directors & Trustees

(The below is mostly taken from Citizens Online archives)

Charles Lowe

A consultant for eGovernment. Lowe headed ‘stepchange.gov’, BT’s eGovernment initiative, held positions in ITT & Exxon before moving to BT in 1989 as Deputy Group Financial Controller. He was then increasingly involved with organisational transformation and systems implementation, and became General Manager of BT’s Office Automation programme in 1993.

In 1995, he led the creation of the BT Intranet as one of the first, largest and most successful corporate Intranets.

An ‘accomplished and well-known presenter and thought-leader in eBusiness and eGovernment in America, Europe and Australasia’, he was at the centre of BT’s collaboration with the UK Government to deliver UKonline, the citizen portal, and was instrumental in many of BT’s major corporate customers’ eBusiness successes.

David Cushman

David is a dad and husband with 25 years experience in the media industry. He is author the The Power of The Network and the forthcoming Platform Thinking: How The Web Changes The Organisation of Business and the Business of Organisation. His work explores a future which is less dictated by its digital nature and more by the extreme low cost of self-organisation which emerges with the widespread use of communication technologies. As co-founder and UK Managing Director of 90:10 Group, he helps brands and organisations adapt to the changes being wrought by this by applying the principals of Open Business; the art of making partners of customers.

His digital experience extends back 15 years. He has been working with digital communities for all of that and blogging since 1999. His current blog, fasterfuture.blogspot.com, is ranked among the UK’s Top 20 Marketing Blogs by Adage.com David is regularly invited to speak around the world but you’ll find him most regularly on twitter (@davidcushman) and Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/davidcushman

Other ‘team members’ from back in the early 2000s

Kevin Harris

Kevin was Information Manager at Community Development Foundation where he worked from 1986. He carried out development and research work on communities in the Network Society, and advised the Home Office in this area. He was Secretary to IBM’s ‘IT and Communities’ Working Party (ITaC); and Secretary to the ‘INSINC’ Working Party on Social Inclusion in the Information Society, also supported by IBM UK.

He was previously a British Library Research Fellow and has worked in public libraries, as an information consultant, and as an academic researcher. He was a member of the Social Exclusion Unit’s Policy Action Team on Access to IT in low-income neighbourhoods (PAT15); and of the DCMS Policy Group on ‘Social inclusion and public libraries’ in 1999, Kevin’s report to PAT15, was entitled ‘Everyone gets hooked’.

… you can see why they chose him!

Robin James – Information Officer

Robin previously for BT in a variety of roles. During his time at BT he has gained extensive experience in project management, delivery of service and management systems development. He was involved in BT’s Social Policy unit as part of the team implementing BT’s environmental management system across the UK, culminating in the successful ISO14001 accreditation in Dec 1999. Robin developed BT’s environmental supplier strategy and its subsequent implementation. This approach has contributed to winning the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for two years in a row. It also gained recognition by the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply standard of excellence for its procurement and numerous ACCA awards.

Robin was instrumental in developing procurement guidelines for ETNO (European Telecommunications Network Operators) the first European-wide industry environmental guidelines and with the initial development of BT’s Ethical trading policy that has subsequently been implemented.

Robin joined Citizens Online in August 2002 and is primarily responsible for implementing future research projects and the analysis and development of statistics and data. His wife, Janet is a GP in Swindon.

Tristan Wilkinson

Tristan is the Director for Public Sector, EMEA for Intel Corporation and UK press spokesperson. He leads the engagement with several Government initiatives across the region focusing on how technology can transform the public agenda and create economic stimulus and job opportunities. In recent years Tristan has been a passionate advocate for Digital Inclusion and the issues relating to demographic change, particularly in the Telehealth arena, speaking regularly on the issues and challenges facing policy makers and providers today.

Prior to Intel, Tristan was the Head of Marketing for PSINet a Global corporate ISP and Marketing Manager for Conduit Business Information, a supplier of database solutions. He is also representing Digital Europe. Tristan holds an honors degree in Architecture from the University of Portsmouth and is married with two children.

Margaret Moran.

Margaret Moran was elected as the Member of Parliament for Luton South on 1st May 1997. After only eight months, Margaret became the first of May’s new intake of MPs to be given a government job when she was made Parliamentary Private Secretary to Transport Minister, Gavin Strang. She was also appointed to the Northern Ireland Select Committee, and is an associate member of the British-Irish Inter-Parliamentary Body.

Other key roles include membership of the All Party Parliamentary University Group; the Manufacturing Industry Group; Homelessness and Housing Need Group; Information Technology Group; Kashmir Group; Children’s Group; and Hospice Group.

Alison Johnson

Alison is both a media specialist and Family Mediator and runs the Family Mediation division at Grower Freeman, a London law practice. Known for her calm, practical, pro-active approach and strong listening skills, Alison specialises in negotiating human and media relations. In her capacity as media specialist, Alison was Chief Publicist with HRH The Queen’s Royal Household and Creative Director for PR giants Burson-Marsteller, part of the Young and Rubicam Group. Prior to this, Alison managed the press offices for the Royal Academy of Arts and the Victoria and Albert Museum and also set up and ran the London Press office for brand identity leaders Landor Associates.

More recently, Alison worked for the European Union, promoting the use of e-technology across Europe, particularly amongst charitable and health related organisations, hospitals and NGO’s. A co-founder of a children’s charity, Alison sits on various professional boards and is involved in lecturing; mentoring and on-going training to develop and further enhance her family mediation skills.

Caroline Sands

Caroline is a Consultant within the Technology, Entertainment & Communications Practice of Odgers Berndtson, the global executive search firm. Building on her keen interest in emerging technologies she focuses on senior strategic IT management appointments and Board level appointments where the requirement is to appoint a candidate with specific information technology experience or is within the technology vendor sector. She also has a particular interest in cyber security.

Prior to joining Odgers Berndtson, Caroline focused on search within the IT services and management consultancy space where she recruited Senior Manager through to Partner level executives particularly within the financial services industry. On graduation from Sheffield Hallam University in 2000, she joined a boutique technology executive search firm as a Trainee Researcher. In this role she was engaged in pan-European, sales, marketing and consultancy appointments for the application software industry.

Tuli Faas

Tuli Faas is an international technology lawyer with expertise in commercial law and the protection of intellectual property as a corporate asset. Following legal roles at MasterCard and Thales, Tuli joined SITA, the world’s largest provider of communications and IT services to over 500 airlines. While at SITA, Tuli was one of the creators of Aviareto, a first-of-its-kind international registry of aviation assets.

With a passion for technology, Tuli is committed to promoting the wider benefits of technology in all areas of society. She is also an energetic contributor of time to voluntary organisations and is currently a business mentor at The Prince’s Trust, supporting young people setting up in business.

Sara Davidson, Project Manager

Sara Davidson trained as an arts administrator, managing a community arts centre in Hackney, east London prior to becoming an international aid worker.

Between 1983 and 1992 she worked in a variety of roles for Oxfam, overseeing fair trade and humanitarian assistance programmes in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Burma.

After returning to the UK, she completed an MBA at Lancaster University Management School with a project on management in the not-for-profit sector, as an EU-funded Erasmus Scholar at the Economics University, Vienna.

Following work with Children’s Aid Direct and Marie Stopes International in the Balkans and Rwanda, she became founding chief executive of the international aid sector charity People In Aid.

Sara has extensive experience of international project management and policy review in non-government organisations and is a member of AccountAbility, the Institute for Social and Ethical Accountability.

Catherine Maxwell – Marketing & Communication Manager

Catherine has been working within the areas of marketing, PR and communication for over 15 years. Her love of the arts meant the first six years were spent in areas such as film, theatre and publishing.

After some years working in the creative field she decided to spread her knowledge and moved into the commercial sector, first working for a management training and development organisation The Leadership Trust. During her time there Catherine worked closely with their charitable trust foundation organising conferences and events focusing on the raising of funding to encourage and support young individuals to learn and develop leadership skills.

Catherine then spent two years handling PR & marketing for a major UK manufacturing and construction organisation before joining Citizens Online in July 2000 as Marketing & Communication Manager. Catherine is married to Peter, they live in Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

1 thought on “#XRSpaceJunk 5G & Citizens Online: Industry Agents, Digital Acolytes and State Agitators

  1. Excellent series of articles. It’s refreshing to read anything thesedays that does not contain a red flag hinting at the tickle of a globalist tenticle somewhere within. Props for mentioning Corbett too.

    After 20yrs researching within the ‘conspirasphere’ and seeing every grass roots movement with potential for meaningful change marginalised (monetary reform initiatives) infiltrated/co-opted (Occupy) or at least heavily influenced (Permaculture, RegenAg) I have no optimism left for an anti globalist/technocracy grass roots solution with any potential to flourish.

    I have resigned myself to the inevitable. The best one can do is to learn the skills to live within it without being eaten by it. Learn to use Linux (some distros are more equal than others) use only open source software, replace ‘big tech’ hardware with open source hardware (to avoid processor level back doors) research digital privacy, learn to compartmentalize your digital footprint. Stay vigilant, notice the RiseUp! tenticle is already infiltrating the digital privacy space.

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