Rats in the Underground: Extinction Rebellion Squealers are Taken to Task

OVER the last few months a number of us have sought to expose the true nature of the controlled environmentalist group, Extinction Rebellion, and those of you who saw the news yesterday will have noticed that one of their activists caused great embarrassment for the leaders of the operation itself. Climbing on top of a tube train, the individual in question was one of several who tried to disrupt East London’s underground network and this incident was met with undisguised fury from those people who were making their way to work.

Not only did this individual kick out at commuters who tried to bring him down from the roof, but when he duly slid onto the platform he was subsequently attacked by other angry passengers. Extinction Rebellion made an attempt to minimise damage to its flagging reputation by releasing a hilariously patronising and out of touch statement that began with the words: “To Londoners, ordinary commuters, working class citizens, black people, minority communities, humans of all ages. Please read.” (1) The Mysterons have spoken.

In the event of a real crisis, rather than one which is being stage-managed to ensure the continuing financial gain of its powerful corporate helmsmen, it might seem logical for more authentic politicos to express their frustration at the apparent selfishness and apathy of the conformist mob. Under the circumstances, however, and despite the full backing of media corporations like the BBC and the Guardian newspaper, the rank-and-file supporters of Extinction Rebellion have not exactly endeared themselves to the English public.

The group’s divisive actions are perhaps similar to the way members of a religious cult are received both in the street and on the doorstep. Most people don’t take very kindly to sanctimonious preaching of this kind and I am fairly sure that the ER’s handlers realise that fear can serve their purposes far better than any appeal to conscience and that the carrot must therefore be set aside in favour of the stick. In other words, if brightly-coloured hippies with even brighter-coloured placards can’t rouse the public conscience then it is possible that the Establishment will be forced to manufacture some kind of immediate catastrophic event to ensure that more people ‘get with the programme’. If these earth-shattering revelations (no pun intended) can emanate from the globalist oracle that is the United Nations, then all the better. This would make it possible for state-sanctioned ecofascism to be rigorously enforced at the levels of government and legislature, with those people who fail to do what the System needs in order to fill its pockets hurriedly kicked into line in the way that yesterday’s ER protestor lashed out at an impervious commuter. I suppose that brings us straight back to religious cults: if persuasion doesn’t work, then start erecting a few wooden scaffolds and make use of rack and rope.

Finally, apart from the fact that we must not allow Extinction Rebellion to speak in our name, nothing but the collapse of the financial system will help replenish the environment. As this episode has demonstrated, ordinary people will not risk the unpredictability of change because they are completely dependent on the System. They undoubtedly have the power to wreak utter chaos through the total suspension or withdrawal of their labour, but presently have nothing to fall back on. They have no Plan B. Without a ‘safety net’ outside the System that can feed, shelter and protect them the mass of working people simply won’t risk unleashing the kind of socio-economic chaos, especially in a place like London, that inevitably accompanies any serious attempt to bring the capitalists to their knees. And that’s without the fear of not finding out what happens in the final episode of their favourite TV series. As always, and despite the danger civilisation is causing people in terms of their psychological and physical well-being, they are still far too comfortable to take the necessary steps to bring the madness of civilisation to a close. This is why we must continue to ensure that people are made aware of what Plan B is and what it actually involves. Not by patronising them or disrupting their daily lives, but by showing them what it takes to empower themselves to the extent that the System becomes superfluous to their needs.

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