COVID, Digital Identity, The Great Reset, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Transhumanism, Agenda 21, etc.

Smart cities and digital identity
Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development Socialist technocracy? One-world governance, overt and covert
UBI and one-world digital currency

5000 words, 20 minute read. Contains lots of images, may load slow. [Updated 10-28-2021] This article covers a lot of ground and includes a lot of sources. If you don’t know what’s goin…

5000 words, 20 minute read.
Contains lots of images, may load slow.

[Updated 10-28-2021]

This article covers a lot of ground and includes a lot of sources. If you don’t know what’s going on with all of this COVID nonsense this will, hopefully, put things into perspective. If you don’t want to read the whole thing, check the TL;DR section at the end.


  1. Intro
  2. Smart cities and digital identity
  3. Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development
  4. Socialist technocracy?
  5. One-world governance, overt and covert
  6. UBI and one-world digital currency
  7. Transhumanism
  8. TL;DR

1. Intro

The COVID agenda is so vast that it’s almost difficult to know where to begin. Unfortunately, questions regarding the origin and lethality of the virus itself are outside of the scope of this article. As is the efficacy and lethality of the so-called “vaccines.” While these issues are important, they are merely pieces of a much larger puzzle, the grand political end game that is being orchestrated under the guise of COVID hysteria. The lockdowns, masks, vaccines, mandates, and freedom passes are being used to slingshot humanity into a clichéd dystopic future with a plotline straight out of a low-budget sci-fi movie. This article will cover the primary plot points and explain how they tie into a wider conspiracy.

2. Smart cities and digital identity

By far the most crucial aspect of the COVID agenda is the so-called “vaccine passports.” Our rulers do not want you to get “vaccinated” for the good of your health. They want you to get “vaccinated” so that they can force you to use a “vaccine passport.” This is the first step to implementing a mandatory, universal digital identity system. Every human is “at risk” from COVID. Therefore, every human must take the “vaccine.” To keep track of who has taken the vaccine, every human requires a “vaccine passport.” To keep track of the vaccine passports, humanity as a species requires a worldwide digital identity system. Without a worldwide identity system, the vaccine passports are useless, and without the vaccine passports, how do we know that you aren’t a COVID super-spreader, personally responsible for the genocide of millions?

The vaccine-passport-to-digital-identity pipeline was labeled a kook conspiracy theory by the mainstream media throughout 2019 and 2020, but globalists have always been pretty open about their nefarious schemes. In 2016, the United Nations announced its plan to give every human a “digital identity” at its ID2020 Summit. In 2018, the European Union announced the creation of vaccine passports that are “compatible with electronic immunisation information systems.” To be clear: The “vaccine passport” is the digital identity.

Globalists parry the accusation that they are malevolent conspirators by openly announcing their malevolent conspiracies to the world. They simply rebrand them as philanthropic crusades to save humanity from some hyperbolic, supposedly world-ending calamity, like COVID and Global Warming. The Rockefeller-founded ‘Club of Rome’ openly admitted this strategy regarding Climate Change™ in their book ‘The First Global Revolution’ and many other globalists have said similar things in the past.

“In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill. In their totality and their interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat which must be confronted by everyone together.”

The big question is: Why do elites want to “digitize” our identities? Well, according to the United Nations themselves, their plan for the future of humanity is to corral everybody into fully-digitized, 5G-powered, “Sustainably Developed,” Climate-Change-friendly “Smart Cities.”

Once the plebs have been forced to live in pods and eat bugs, elites will use these Smart Cities to monitor and micromanage our lives via AI, automation, the “Internet of Things” and “Internet of Bodies.” Everything you own will be connected not just to the internet but a worldwide system that regulates every aspect of your life. Your TV, trash can, fridge, oven, car (if you’re allowed to own one at all) will constantly catalog your daily activities and feed round-the-clock, real-time information back into the system. In turn, the system will control how you can interact with society.

“Digital identity” is the lynchpin of this entire project. Your entire life will be centralized via this singular point of contact with the system. Those without a digital identity will be completely cut off from the system. Does this sound far-fetched? It’s already happening: People without “vaccine passports” are prevented from buying groceries in countries like France.

Your digital identity will be linked to every single one of your preexisting “identities,” both physical and virtual — your driver’s license, regular passport, email account, social media accounts, phone contract, and even your bank accounts. This recipe for eternal slavery is being pitched to the masses incrementally and marketed as a series of life-changing revolutions in “convenience and security.”

3. Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development

The United Nations is directing the construction of so-called “Smart Cities” in alignment with their ‘Agenda for the 21st Century’ (Agenda 21), also known as ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ and ‘Agenda 2030.’ Almost every Smart City resource published by governments and NGOs around the world features the term ‘Sustainable Development (Goals),’ referring to the United Nations agenda (see also: “Build Back Better”).

Agenda 21 is a long-term political strategy to reshape our entire planet. It was publicly announced by the UN in the early 1990s but likely planned decades in advance. As usual, it is marketed to the public as a philanthropic crusade to save the world from climate change, poverty, hunger, disease (e.g. COVID), bigotry, racism, and so on, but it is nothing of the sort. It is simply a way for the globalist elite to solidify their rule and expand their power, not just over humanity, but all life on earth.

Below is the UN’s official list of ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDGs). Treat it as a hit-list of things that globalist technocrats aim to micromanage. When they say things like “no poverty” and “zero hunger,” what they’re really saying is that they wish to have totalitarian control over humanity’s finances and food supplies. They view humanity in the same way a farmer views his livestock — except, generally speaking, farmers do not despise their livestock.

Note: This short article from Bill Gates’ Global Vaccine Alliance explains why vaccines are vital to accomplishing 14 out of the 17 SDGs. 

The United Nations works hand-in-hand with private corporations, international NGOs, and nation-state governments to implement Agenda 21. An internal UN report on Smart Cities states that they plan to establish “public-private partnerships (PPPs),” by which they mean overt technocracy; rule by elite-backed “experts.” The project has widespread support throughout the world: One study found that by 1997 70% of UK local authorities had committed to Agenda 21. In the east, the Chinese Communist Party recently announced that they are officially collaborating with the UN to implement Agenda 21 via their “Belt and Road Initiative” (Chinese imperialism). See this press release from the CCP Foreign Ministry, quoted below.

“António Guterres [UN Secretary General] said that the Belt and Road Initiative is highly compatible with the goals pursued by the UN and is conducive to solving various problems facing the world today and addressing challenges such as financing for development and climate change. The Belt and Road Initiative is an important opportunity for all countries in the world. The UN stands ready to work closely with the Chinese side in the process of jointly building the Belt and Road Initiative to jointly promote the cause of peace and development of mankind.”

Smart Cities will likely utilize Chinese and Israeli technology (stolen from America) and will almost certainly feature Chinese-Communist-style AI-powered surveillance and a world-spanning social credit system.

“Don’t you want to live in the Communist bug hive? It’s so sustainable! Just look at all of those trees!”

4. Socialist technocracy?

While on the subject of Communism: The abolition of private property has been a primary objective of globalists since the days of Karl Marx, at least. According to the World Economic Forum, an official UN partner organization, “by 2030, you’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy.” 2030 is the proposed end date of the so-called ‘Great Reset’ — yet another Agenda 21 rebrand. They aim to transform every country into “a nation of renters,” whereby everything is owned and controlled by rootless technocrats.

Note: Bloomberg is an official WEF partner corporation, thus directly linked to the United Nations.

The “COVID” lockdowns are not intended to stop the spread of a “deadly” virus but to destroy the working- and middle-classes by transferring what little wealth they had left directly into the hands of the international oligarchy. American billionaires have gained over one trillion dollars since the plandemic began, while American workers have “lost” an equal amount. Independent small businesses are being crushed and shut down by “COVID” regulations worldwide, while mega-corporations operate unimpeded. Even the mainstream media has been forced to admit that this the biggest “wealth transfer” — by which they mean theft — in human history.

While the lower classes are bled dry, plutocrats are busy buying up all of the farmland and houses that they can get their filthy hands on. Plebs owning land and property is “unsustainable.” Growing food and raising livestock is not “eco-friendly.” You will live in a rented “Smart City” apartment, where your “carbon output” can be tracked by AI. You will subsist on a diet of industrial maggot paste, lab-grown fake meat, and microplastics. You will own nothing, and you will be happy.

The World Economic Forum — founded by Henry Kissinger’s protégé, Klaus Schwab [see: timestamp 28:15] — has published numerous articles and videos hinting at the forthcoming economic shift away from capitalism and towards a new socialistic system. The WEF calls for a fusion of private and public sectors, presumably to bring the world under the control of a centralized technocracy. No more ‘private’ or ‘public’ sectors, only The World Sector.

The direction that we are heading today is eerily similar to the technocratic socialist world system envisioned by many Leftists of the 19th and 20th centuries. See, for example, the non-fiction works of the Fabian Socialist, H. G. Wells: ‘The New World Order’ or ‘The Open Conspiracy: Blue Prints for a World Revolution.’ George Orwell described this technocratic socialism as ‘Oligarchical Collectivism’: A state in which the means of production are owned by an oligarchy (“The Party”) rather than the workers themselves — which describes every socialist state in history.

Note: The Fabians were instrumental in the new world order project. As stated on their own website, they “pioneered the idea of a United Nations.” This is not to say that modern elites are all ardent Fabians but that the Fabian ideal (i.e. a socialist world technocracy) — which is the ideal of most 19th and 20th century Leftists — has greatly influenced the globalist ideology of our era. 

(Below): Kissinger and Mao. He, alongside the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, played a significant role in “opening” China’s economy to the “West” (international finance):

5. One-world governance, overt and covert

At the beginning of the COVID psyop, globalist elites publicly announced their plans to establish an overt world government. This mind-blowing confession was casually slipped into Great Reset propaganda (below) and various articles published on the United Nations’ website, as if it was nothing. See, for example, a press release titled ‘COVID-19 shows why united action is needed for more robust international health architecture’, signed by multiple world leaders, including Macron, Merkel, and Boris Johnson.

Although globalist elites have openly discussed world governance for decades, if not centuries, the mainstream media (that they own and control) slanders anybody who points this out as a conspiracy-theory-peddling lunatic. The United Nations is marketed as a powerless and benevolent — if not incompetent — observer. However, it was explicitly founded to act as the “official” world government. Who made it “official”? The people with enough wealth and power to destroy anybody who disagrees with them.

The UN includes a multitude of sub-organizations designed to manage every aspect of human society: The World Health Organization, World Court, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization, International Bureau of Education, International Organization for Migration, and so on. The question is not if the UN will replace nation-state governments, but when? In many ways, it already has.

Official UN propaganda has talked of “one world” and “one humanity” for decades:

Alongside the United Nations, elites have also established a semi-decentralized shadow empire within the so-called “private sector,” which controls much of the world’s finance, media, education, and corporations. This empire is connected behind the scenes via quasi-secret societies, such as the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, and Trilateral Commission. The United Nations is, essentially, the public face of this covert shadow empire. Recent globalist rhetoric hints at a forthcoming synthesis between the shadow empire and the formalized world system, under the United Nations — see the aforementioned “public-private partnerships.”

6. UBI and one-world digital currency

No world government would be complete without a world currency and you can guarantee that globalists will attempt to force one through within the next few decades. This plan was hinted at in the Rothschild-owned Economist magazine, and the Head of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has claimed that he wants “complete control” over money by banning cash in favor of Central Bank Digital Currencies:

“The central bank will have absolute control on the rules and regulations that will determine the use [of money] and we will also have the technology to enforce that.” [Source]

How elites plan to implement a digital one-world currency is an unresolved question but a 2017 Jerusalem Post article (‘Israel and the Unexpected new World Order’) suggests that “a global currency collapse might be seen as a way to wipe the slate clean of nation-based currencies, especially the US dollar, and establish an international one: like Bitcoin.”

In 2020, Visa filed a blockchain patent for digitizing fiat currency. In the words of this article, the patent “sets out a way for a central bank to take fiat money that is currently in circulation, digitize it, remove the converted physical currency from circulation and then enable consumers and merchants to conduct transactions using a digital wallet ‘stored on a chip of a smartcard or a secure element of a user device’.” The patent applies to all ‘central bank digital currencies’ including pounds, yen, and euros, meaning that the physical currency of any central bank anywhere in the world can be instantly “digitized.”

For “some reason,” the Visa patent featured very unsubtle Masonic symbology: A compass flanked by the two pillars of Solomon’s Temple. “ARCHITECT,” written below, is a reference to the Masonic god, known as the ‘Grand Architect of the Universe.’

A digital dollar was initially included in a “COVID-19 relief package” under the CARES Act. The bill suggested that it could provide Universal Basic Income (UBI) for Americans (Forbes), which would be instrumental for creating a digital-identity-based social credit system. If income is centrally controlled either by the state or some unaccountable international bureaucracy, they can completely eradicate political dissent. Disagree with the elite? Sorry, no more money for you. The precedent is already set: Private banking corporations have been “deplatforming” thought criminals for the last half-decade. See HSBC closing the bank account of Marine Le Pen, for example.

The push to normalize a link between digital identity and the world banking system is already well underway. For example, CommonHealth, a digital vaccine passport project launched by the Rockefeller Foundation and World Economic Forum, has officially partnered with Samsung Pay, allowing users to host their “vaccine pass” within the Samsung app. Apparently, this does nothing besides displaying QR codes that link to users’ vaccine passes; a jpeg saved in your camera roll would achieve the same results. However, this is merely the thin end of the wedge. You can expect a new range of wonderfully convenient features soon enough.

The Doconomy credit card, launched in 2020, provides a glimpse of how the forthcoming social credit system might function. It tracks the “environmental impact” of everything you buy (including food) and cuts you off if you use up all of your “carbon credits.” A “Finnish” startup company produced the card on behalf of the United Nations in collaboration with MasterCard. You will be pleased to know that the Doconomy team prioritizes gender and racial equality — 50% of their board is female and a woman of color serves as their CEO.

7. Transhumanism

The most important aspect of The Great Reset is the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” i.e. the Transhumanist Revolution. In the words of WEF founder Klaus Schwab, this will “lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity” (Youtube). The merging of man with machine. If you think that “transhumanism” means turning people into badass cyborgs, capable of superhuman feats of strength and intelligence, then you’re in for a nasty surprise.

The Transhumanist Revolution has been inoffensively branded as the “Internet of Bodies” (IoB), which is based on the “Internet of Things” (IoT), a physical network of internet-connected devices that collect and transfer data to one another, independently of human intervention. Practical applications of the IoT include “Smart Home” devices (“Smart City” but for your house), such as the Amazon Echo or Google Home; AI-driven medical care; supply chain management; and agricultural and manufacturing processes. See the ‘Applications’ section of the IoT Wikipedia page for more info.

The Internet of Things was conceptualized in the 80s and 90s at elite colleges, like MIT and UC Berkeley (both have links to the CIA, see here and here). Its popularity skyrocketed after the renowned scientist Bill Joy delivered a lecture on device-to-device communication at the World Economic Forum in 1999. A year later, Joy penned the infamous ‘Why The Future Doesn’t Need Us’ article, in which he warned that “our most powerful 21st-century technologies—robotics, genetic engineering, and nanotech—are threatening to make humans an endangered species.”

The “Internet of Bodies” will be created by linking human beings directly into the Internet of Things via devices that can be “implanted, swallowed or worn” (WEF). The IoB is a network of interconnected devices that collects data on human bodies (logging physical activities, health, etc.) and modifies their biological functions. Once again, the thin end of the wedge consists of near-useless products, like smartwatches, and completely useless products, like smart hairbrushes and toothbrushes. Smart contact lenses are on the cards too, so you can beam YouTube adverts directly into your own eyeballs.

As with all globalist machinations, the Transhumanist Revolution is marketed as benevolent philanthropy. The World Economic Forum has claimed that the IoB could “prove crucial in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic” and technologies like ‘smart pacemakers’ and ‘digital pills’ have been subtly promoted by the mainstream media and think tanks for several years. Physically implantable COVID vaccine microchips, regarded as an insane conspiracy theory in 2020, were publicly announced as a life-saving scientific revolution in 2021. 

It should go without saying that globalist elites do not have the slightest concern for the health of humanity. Their only concern is power. If anything, they are explicitly anti-health. Ruling over a healthy, strong, intelligent, competent population is dangerous business for a despised despot. They could never be overthrown by a legion of drugged-up, obese, mentally ill, lazy, weak, timid, obedient fools.

“It’s for your health:”

One of the primary purposes of the Internet of Bodies is data collection but, the question is, what are they planning to do with all of that data? A leaked Google presentation titled ‘The Selfish Ledger’ (2018) dropped some pretty big hints.

In this “hypothetical scenario,” Google states that an individual’s “ledger” is all of the data that big tech has collected on them throughout their lives. It is the digital equivalent of a person’s genetic code, containing records of their entire personality: Their unfiltered preferences, thoughts, feelings, questions, decisions, and so on. Like DNA, ledgers are multi-generational, passed from parent to child. Google states that this “mass of historical user data” has made it possible to “make increasingly accurate predictions about decisions and future behaviors.” Just as geneticists sequenced our DNA, Google claims that a massive multi-generational analysis of ledger data would allow them to engage in ‘behavioral sequencing.’ Once the behavior of humanity has been ‘digitally sequenced’ into a quantifiable form, Google can then “target parts of the sequence and modify them in order to achieve a desired result,” just like gene editing. The end goal is “species-scale” behavioral engineering. 

This brings us to our next question: How will this behavioral engineering work in practice? The Selfish Ledger video gives the example of mobile popups that gently nudge individuals towards more healthy behaviors, but it’s unlikely that mobile popup spam will indoctrinate the entire human race. Scientists recently suggested that xenophobes should be forcibly drugged until they start to love refugees, and it seems that this sort of ‘biological hacking’ will be the control mechanism of choice for elites in the future. Medicating bigots into loving refugees is reminiscent of Aldous Huxley’s comments on transforming the world into a “painless concentration camp [in which] pharmacological methods [make people] love their servitude.” Given that 20% of Americans are on anti-depressants or similar “medication,” it would be fair to conclude that many people already live in a “painless concentration camp.”

Side note: Aldous’ brother, Julian, coined the term ‘transhumanism’ in his 1950 book New Bottles for New Wine. He was the first director of United Nations’ UNESCO and a Fabian Socialist.

Something along the lines of Elon Musk’s Neuralink project, which is credited with “kickstarting the Transhumanist Revolution,” is the most obvious vector for ‘behavioral engineering.’ Neuralink is officially defined as an “implantable brain-machine interface [for] human symbiosis with artificial intelligence.” In layman’s terms, that means GloboCorp will shove microchips in your brain and hook you up to a supercomputer. The Neuralink chip is the size of a large coin; it replaces a fragment of your skull and plugs directly into your neurons using tiny wires. The surgery is so complex that it has to be fully automated using advanced robots. However, kind Elon has assured us that Neuralink will be affordable to the masses, costing a few thousand dollars, at most, the same price as LASIK eye surgery.

In a 14-minute presentation on Neuralink technology, Musk claimed that its purpose is to “solve important spine and brain problems.” Apparently, its first clinical trials will be on people who suffer from paraplegia and tetraplegia. This cheap, emotionally manipulative propaganda utilizes the ‘ANTIFA’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’ branding strategy: Anybody opposes these violent, Marxist terrorist organizations is a Fascist who hates Black people. Likewise, only a cripple-hating bigot would oppose the Neuralink agenda. This is the standard formula of Leftist politics (commonly known as ‘sociopathy’): “If you don’t comply with my unreasonable demands then I’ll tell everyone that you’re an evil person and try to ruin your life.”

The most significant aspect of Neuralink is that, unlike most other transhumanist technologies, it does not merely read and report on body data but can actively write data to the brain. Since Neuralink can control or overwrite peoples’ biological functions, it is safe to assume that this technology can also control thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Towards the end of his 14-minute presentation, Musk claims that Neuralink technology could even be used to “upload and store your memories as a backup [and] potentially download them into a new body or a robot body.”

Elites won’t need “pharmacological methods” to make the masses “love their servitude” if they can convince the plebs to microchip their own brains. Don’t underestimate how many people will happily sell their souls to GloboCorp just to access psychic text messaging or virtual reality porn. Naturally, the technocrats won’t transition straight from brain chips to eternal slavery. First, you’ll get the standard brain chip (text messaging and VR porn). Then, a few upgrades. Perhaps they will release a “never feel sad” plugin, the thin end of the wedge for transhumanist behavioral modification. GloboCorp will steadily introduce minor regulations and patch updates until, eventually, one day, you suddenly find that you are biologically incapable of disagreeing with the globalist agenda. Perhaps you will be incapable of recognizing that the agenda even exists at all. Everything is fine. You own nothing and you’re happy. You love living in the pod and eating bugs. Society has always been this way: The painless concentration camp.

These predictions are all purely speculative, of course. Neuralink is working hand-in-hand with the FDA to make sure that everything is “above board.” This technology won’t be used for any nefarious deeds, obviously. Disregarding theories on behavioral engineering, technology like Neuralink perfectly aligns with the wider globalist agenda. Brain microchips that telekinetically link people to internet systems have limitless potential within a Smart City / digital identity / digital currency framework. According to Scott Amyx — a United Nations partner, Smart City salesman, and “expert on the Fourth Industrial Revolution” — Neuralink has the “potential to transform the world.”

The final piece of the transhumanist puzzle is provided by Bill Gates, so you know it’s going to be good. In early 2020, Microsoft filed patent number ‘WO/2020/060606’ (“666”) for a “cryptocurrency system using body activity data.” It is exactly as it sounds: Microsoft is trying to patent the concept of turning human beings into living, breathing, crypto-mining machines. The abstract is crystal clear, “human body activity associated with a task provided to a user may be used in a mining process of a cryptocurrency system.”

Note that the patent only states that the hypothetical crypto-mining system will feature a user that is somehow “communicatively coupled to the server.” It does not specify how the user is communicatively attached to the server. This could be achieved via implant, smartwatch, digital pill, or perhaps some unknown newfangled technique. Gates seems to be interested in using “biocompatible near-infrared quantum dots” to brand vaccinated people like cattle, so he must have a few tricks up his sleeve.

Is this the elites’ plan for humanity, transforming us into a herd of crypto-mining cattle? Blockchain does seem to be an integral aspect of the transhumanist project and of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. According to this World Economic Forum video“blockchain technology is going to redistribute power in society” and will “serve as the operating system for the new economy.” The video also claims that they are trying to “identify gaps in governance that are impeding the adoption of this technology” and that their focus is on “its potential for financial inclusion.” They plan to achieve this via private-public partnership models that “facilitate the use of the technology for social benefit.” 

Bear in mind that when they say “redistribute power in society” and “financial inclusion,” they generally mean stripping wealth from the (predominantly White) Middle Class and giving it to the Third World (or immigrants). Globalists are not going to disempower themselves. It’s also important to note that they don’t want to forcibly redistribute wealth to the Third World because they are “good people,” but because they want to shove a microchip in the brain of every African tribesman.

That’s all for transhumanism. In summary: You will not be a superhuman cyborg. You will be a gelatinous slave who gets fake “be happy” chemicals cybernetically administered directly into your neurons while you psychically stream VR porn into your eyelids. This is pretty similar to everyday life for most people, so don’t be surprised by how many sign up for this madness.

8. TL;DR

This article was long so here’s a quick recap:

  • Elites have openly stated that they are creating a one-world government.
  • COVID/climate change are overblown scams to scare the masses into accepting world government. COVID is not a world-destroying plague, climate change will not end the world.
  • Elites aim to corral humanity into fully-digitized, 5G-powered “Smart Cities,” which may be constructed with Chinese and Israeli technology via the Belt and Road Initiative.
  • Everything you own, including your physical property, internet accounts, various forms of identification, and bank account(s), will be centralized via one singular “digital identity,” and linked into one world-spanning digital control grid.
  • This system will monitor and regulate your behavior, like a China-style social credit system. Those who have too low of a social credit score (racist, sexist, homophobic, unvaccinated, not “eco-friendly,” etc.) will be shut out of basic services.
  • Elites are currently in the process of abolishing private property and transitioning towards a Communistic/Socialistic economic system, with UBI and “communal” ownership, whereby the plebs “own nothing” (and be happy), renting everything from the state / world government / oligarchs.
  • Elites plan to implement a one-world digital/blockchain currency and abolish nation-based currencies (including the US dollar). This may be done incrementally, as Visa and the US government are working together to “digitize” existing physical currencies, or via an artificially engineered financial collapse.
  • The World Economic Forum claims that blockchain will serve as the operating system for the new economy.
  • UBI will enable elites to completely eradicate political dissent by “deplatforming” people from the one-world currency and global financial system, which will be integrated with the digital identity and social system.
  • The plebs will be forced to eat fake, lab-grown “food” because real food is not “environmentally sustainable.”
  • Google tacitly admitted via the Selfish Ledger doctrine that the end goal of their massive data harvesting project is to build a “genetic code” of human behavior (‘behavioral sequencing’), which they can then “hack” for “species-scale” behavioral engineering.
  • Technology related to Elon Musk’s Neuralink may be used to control thoughts and behaviors or to biologically meld individuals’ minds with the behemoth internet control grid.
  • Bill Gates had patented technology to harvest living humans for cryptocurrency.
  • Transhumanism is here.

If you think I missed anything important leave a reply in the comment section.


If you found this article useful, feel free to republish it on your own websites or whatever. Feel free to plagiarize it completely. I don’t need any credit.

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