Comrade Hermit

I'm a former shut-in, attempting to rejoin the outside world after years of self imposed isolation. During my exile I did almost nothing but read towers of books and watch the world go to shit just beyond my reach. I hope to impart my own twisted blend of homegrown wisdom upon the world through my blog, - I guess you could say I'm something of a savant, a well read philosopher with defunct coping skills that border on agoraphobic but I'm trying and getting a little better day by day. To say my views are a little unorthodox would probably be an understatement. I'm a ChristoPagan agnostic, a bearded lesbian, a Voluntary Marxist (Keep it in the commune!), a libertarian socialist, a genderfluid Russophile, a pro-life feminist, a lifelong punk rocker and the queerest breeder this side of the rainbow.