THE Israeli-Palestinian conflict is never far from the headlines. Whilst reports of casualties, injuries and death are commonplace the basic facts about the origins of the conflict and the logical remedy to it are never publicised.

Many people will assume – quite naturally, of course, if they rely on the Establishment media for their information – that the ‘State of Israel’ has always existed, just like England, Scotland and Wales. However, this is not true and the birth of the ‘Jewish State of Israel’ was only proclaimed from Tel Aviv on May 14th, 1948. Prior to this date, the country was called Palestine and had been home to the Palestinian people for almost 2,000 years.

It has been the most powerful argument of modern-day Jewry that they are the literal descendants of the Ancient Israelites. This has been used to justify their claims to Palestine, this and the sheer ignorance of the vast majority of people. It is a fact that 90% of modern World Jewry is made up of a racial group called the Ashkenazim, themselves descended from the people of the Khazar Empire who converted to Judaism seven centuries after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE. At this time the small Judaic population of Palestine had been dispersed by the Roman Emperor, Vespasian, and his son Titus. This original population, which was of mixed origin, fled to North Africa and then made its way to Spain, converting many to Judaism along the way. This group achieved great wealth and privilege and its members are still known as Sephardic Jews.

The Sephardim – who make up about 10% of Jewry – are a mixture of Judean, Edomite, Syrian, Canaanite, Phoenician and North African stock. The original nation of Judah, comprising the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, Levi and various others, was conquered and deported to Babylon 600 years before the birth of Christ. Around 50,000 of them returned to Jerusalem about 150 years before Christ to rebuild the city and they eventually went on to incorporate the Edomite and Canaanite cities in the surrounding area. At the time of Christ, many of those living in Judah had Edomite and Canaanite ancestry and therefore even modern Sephardic Jews have very little of the original Israelite blood coursing through their veins.

To return to the Khazars, a Turko-Finnish people, semi-nomadic, who settled in what is now southern Russia and gradually spread to the shores of the Black, Caspian and Azoz seas, they were originally pagan. However, Jews who had been banished from Constantinople by Leo III settled among the Khazars and manager to convert the ruler of Khazaria, Khagan Bulan, to the Jewish religion. Eventually, the whole of Khazaria followed suit. When the Mongols defeated Khazaria in the thirteenth century, the population fled north-west to Poland and other East European countries. These people were the aforementioned Ashkenazim. It is clear that this group, who – as already stated – make up 90% of modern World Jewry have never resided in Palestine and thus have no legitimate claim to it. Even the Sephardic Jews would have a hard time justifying a ‘return’ to Palestine.

The Zionist claim that today’s ‘Jews’ are a ‘race’ descended from the ancient Hebrew Israelites is false. Modern ‘Jews’ are not a ‘race,’ but a cultural and religious group of mixed racial origin, borne out by the fact that there are Black ‘Jews’ – see Operation Solomon, for example – who also have no ancestral connection with the land of Palestine.

The conquest of Palestine has continued unabated both since 1948 and in the preceding years. It has been a conquest through mass immigration by Russian, Polish, Western European and American Jews who have dispossessed the legitimate Palestinian population of their homes, land and nation. It is a tragedy which has been made possible by the Zionist ability to coerce governments and institutions to do their bidding. Their incredible wealth and domination of mass media worldwide must not be overlooked in this respect, either. It is also a sad fact that the cowardly and treacherous role performed by the British State during this affair is of great significance.

The Palestinians have tried every means at their disposal to bring attention to their plight, but have been ignored and even portrayed as a ‘terrorist’ threat to ‘persecuted’ Jews when, in actual fact, it is the other way around. It is worth recounting a brief history of the troubles in Palestine to put into perspective the enormity of the injustice that has been committed in the Middle East by the Zionists. On November 29th, 1947, the so-called United Nations decided to partition the country. At this time, the Jews had control of just 7% of the land and made up just a third of the population, and even that was the result of mass Jewish immigration. As a result of the partition the Jews gained a further 48% of the country and increased their share to 55%. The Palestinian population was outraged and rightly so. However, the Zionists were still not satisfied and launched a vicious terrorist campaign against the indigenous population with the aim of driving them from what land they had left. This aggressive strategy, in one form or another, has continued to this day.

On April 9th, 1948, the Jewish terrorist gang Irgun Zvai Leumi, headed by prime-minister-to-be Menachem Begin, laid waste to the Arab village of Deir Yassin. A total of 254 men, women and children were massacred and it set the tone for what was to follow. As a result of such actions, by May 11, 1948, 77% of the country was in Jewish hands.

The United Nations, in a typically weak response, sent Count Folke Bernadotte to mediate the situation and implement the original partition plan. The Jews were having none of it and another terrorist outfit, the Stern Gang, headed by another-prime-minister-to-be Yitzhak Shamir, promptly shot the representative dead. Meanwhile, the UN’s own silence over this affair was deafening.

The next few years are a catalogue of terrorist outrages and the passing of oppressive laws by the Israeli State. On March 20th, 1950, for example, a law was passed enabling property belonging to Palestinians who had temporarily fled their homes and villages to be expropriated and transferred to State ownership. On October 14th, 1953, Jewish troops commanded by Ariel Sharon attacked the Arab village of Qibya and blew up the local school, demolished 41 houses and murdered 53 civilians.

The next major event in the fate of the Palestinians occurred on June 5th, 1967, when ‘Israel’ attacked Egypt, Syria and Jordan and launched the so-called Six Day War. In less than a week the Israelis took control of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights and Sinai, as well as the remaining half of Jerusalem. On June 28th the aggressors announced the complete annexation of Jerusalem. This, despite a UN resolution stating that it must remain an international city. Consequently, 1.3 million Palestinians now found themselves under Israeli military rule.

On November 22nd, 1967, the UN issued Resolution 242 calling for ‘Israel’ to withdraw from the territories acquired in the Six Day War. At the time of writing, the Israeli State has ignored this request for over half a century and will continue to do so. Similarly, unlike the resolutions it issued against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq – resulting in all-out war within a period of just six months – the UN has made no serious attempt to enforce it. No wonder this puppet-council for imperialist interests has become so thoroughly synonymous with hypocrisy.

The Jewish position on the Palestinians can be summed up by a statement made by the then Israeli prime minister, Golda Meir, who told the Sunday Times on June 5th, 1969: “There was no such thing as a Palestinian people, they did not exist.”

As the downtrodden Palestinians continued to make attempts to bring world attention to the plight, ‘Israel’ mounted a global operation to silence Palestinian representatives by using the only method it knows: murder. On October 16th, 1972 Mossad, the Israeli secret service, assassinated Wael Zvaiter in Italy; on December 8th, 1972, Mossad murdered Mahmoud Hamshari in Paris, France; on January 25th, 1973, Mossad took out Hussein Bashir in Nicosia, Cyprus; on April 10th, 1973, Palestinian leaders Yusef Najar and Kamal Adwan were slaughtered in their homes in Beirut; and on July 21st, 1973, Mossad mistook a Moroccan resident for a Palestinian and killed him in the Norwegian city of Lillehammer.

Meanwhile, on October 6th, 1973 Egypt and Syria – unable to persuade ‘Israel’ to withdraw from the Occupied Territories – launched a major attack. After initial Egyptian success, the Israelis fought back and crossed the Suez Canal on October 16th. However, they eventually withdrew in March 1974 but only to their 1967 positions.

An interesting interlude occurred on November 10th, 1975, when when the UN introduced Resolution 3379 (based on earlier Resolution 21106) and equated Zionism with racism. What a shock it must have been for the poor, ‘persecuted’ Jews, who for years had been portraying themselves as victims of racism and leaders in the fight against it. They now stood accused of the same crime.

Throughout the next few years, Mossad continued with its extermination policy. On January 3rd, 1977, Mahmoud Salih was murdered in Paris; on January 4th, 1978, Said Hamami was killed in London; on August 3rd, 1978, Izziddin Al-Qalaq was terminated in Paris; on January 21st, 1979, Ali Hassan Salameh is murdered in Beirut; and on June 4th, 1981, Naim Khadar is killed in Brussels. The list goes on. This catalogue of State-sanctioned murders, along with the fact that such brutal violence was committed within the borders of other countries, demonstrates (i) the Organised Jewish disregard for the judicial sanctity of other nations, (ii) free speech on the Palestinian question, and (iii) their unbelievable arrogance and unaccountability. That Mossad is permitted to operate freely throughout the world is not simply an affront to sovereignty, but an affront to humanity itself.

To continue, on June 5th, 1982 ‘Israel’ invaded Lebanon and killed between 30,000 and 40,000 people. On August 30th of that year, to avoid further destruction to the city of Beirut, Palestinian fighters withdrew after receiving an assurance from the United States that families left behind in the refugee camps would be protected. Subsequently, however, once the fighting had ceased September 16th saw pro-Israeli Lebanese Phalangists enter the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila and brutally slaughter the inhabitants over a two-day period. The Israelis even provided aerial lighting, so that the massacre could continue well into the night. This was certainly a low point in the history of ‘Israel’s’ dealings with the Palestinians, but those of you who have followed the story thus far will be aware that this fits in with the Israeli policy of completely displacing the indigenous population and wiping it out in the quest for a ‘Greater Israel’.

On December 9th, 1987, an Israeli truck deliberately crashed into a car with the result that four Palestinian workers were killed. Not a particularly momentous event, you might say, given the bloodthirsty history of the Israeli State, but the Palestinian population had decided that enough was enough and rioting broke out in the Occupied Territories. What has since become known as the Intifada (uprising) had begun. To date, many thousands have died as they regularly confront legions of Israeli tanks, machine guns and tear gas with bricks and bottles.

When thinking of the Palestinians it is useful to consider what we ourselves would do if confronted with an alien group that invaded our country in large numbers, forcibly drove us from our homes and land, denied us the most fundamental aspects of human sustenance and instigated a policy of systematic extermination. Most of us would fight with every sinew and every last drop of blood. So it is with the Palestinians and it is hoped that one day they shall finally achieve the justice they deserve.

May the Zionists, too, achieve theirs.

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